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A Few of Our Favorite Things: December

December was disappointingly short and hot. Christmas came and went while we wore shorts and ordered iced peppermint mochas. It’s now officially the new year, but first, let me share with you my favorites from December to become your favorites this month.

Really, really cheap happy hours. Five happy hours that will get you a bite and a fancy drink for about $10. Tell your bank account “you’re welcome” from me!

The Nightingale, by Kristin Hannah. World War II book based in France about two sisters and a lot of heartache. So many friendships and familial relationships — mother to daughter, sister to sister, father to daughters, husband to wife, best friend to best friend — and all are challenged. Your heart will break a few times, but you’ll be better for it. I can’t explain why, just know it’s worth it.

Going to bingo. What are you doing with your life on Thursdays if not Bingoing. No, bingo is not just for grandmas. It’s also for young twenty somethings with a dotter and $5 who love to drink.

Joy Yoga. I bought a month membership and it’s everything I needed. It’s movement and stretching combined with meditation. It’s such an escape, and it’s just down the road.

Pinterest. Y’ALL. We got a Pinterest account, and you’re invited to join our community. Follow us! Repin us and like and do what ever you Pinterest fools do.

Soda Stream. Fizzy water galore, guys. I basically don’t drink anything without bubbles any more.

Hunky Dory’s Brunch. This bar and restaurant concept (from the makers of Down House) has been on our favorites before, but a British brunch is a must try. The spot is named after a David Bowie song, so if not for British food, do visit for one of the world’s best pop icons. Rest in peace, Bowie, and cheers to you.

The girl who wrote Yelp reviews about her dates. Can we all be like this girl? How? I love the internet.

Laredo Taqueria. Worth the wait, y’all, ask anyone. Or just read our opinion.

Serial. It’s back. This season focuses on Bowe Bergdahl and… well, let me let Sarah Koenig tell you.

Peli Peli in the Galleria. Hello, South African food. I didn’t know you existed but now I’m obsessed. Ouch, Peli Peli is a little pricey, pricey. Maybe wait for a special occasion (or a happy hour).

And lastly, this cat meme: 

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