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A Few of Our Favorite Things: February

Ahh, February: The month of love, or whatever. Whether you had a romantic night in, a Galentine’s night out or yolo ran a half marathon, we hope you had an amazing V-Day. The month of love, or whatever, isn’t over yet, so here are somethings that we love:

BYOB and Bosnian food. Stop. You had me at BYOB. Come for the BYOB, stay for the Bosnian food—ps if you like Greek, you’ll like Bosnian. Swear. I’ll eat anything in a pita.

Freakanomics. Can you think like a freak? I’m starting to. I got “Think Like a Freak” on Audible and listened to it in, like, a week. Then I discovered the Freakanomics podcasts, so now I’m pretty much set for life. The book/podcast is all about telling stories of so-called “freaks,” which are basically people who think differently, innovate and challenge norms, whether it’s how to eat hotdogs in a hotdog-eating contest or much more science-y science.

THE RODEO! It’s coming, y’all. Saddle up. March 1 starts with The Band Perry, and the Cook Off is this weekend.

Brunch. We’ve been hitting brunch SUPER hard lately, and so should you. Why? Because Houston is brunch capital. Seriously, how else are we able to explain why we can hit up a new brunch every. single. weekend. #HtownBrunchtown

Sia’s “This is Acting.” I’m voting for Sia for president. Her new album is a bunch of songs she wrote for pop artists, but didn’t actually ever get recorded by them. So, she decided to record them herself. It’s basically a pop mixed tape, but actually by the same artist. Favorites include: Reaper, Cheap Thrills and Broken Glass.

San Diego. I once thought San Diego was the most beautiful city in America (ahem, Houston obvi is), but still the SD holds a v. special place in my heart. How great does 80 degree weather and a beach sound?

Taylor Swift’s new ‘do. This is pretty controversial, but I have to take a stand: Taylor’s new hair is adorable. When she revealed it at the Grammys (which I wish I watched over The Bachelor), I was hesitant. But now, I see the light.

No big deal just rolled up with the hottest date. @selenagomez #grammys

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Coffee. We know where you should get your next one, guys. Also, we’re trying to bring the coffee date back. How good does a cappuccino and a cutie sound?

“What Alice Forgot.” OK, pretend you wake up to a place you’ve never seen before doing a thing you’ve never done before. Then, someone tells you it’s ten years into the future and you have a life you don’t remember living. Well, that’s what happened to Alice. She hit her head and thought she was 29 again — instead of being 39 with three kids and a failing marriage. The book follows Alice as she remembers things, for better or for worse.

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