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Fountain View Cafe: Back to the Basics Brunch

What: Fountain View Cafe

Where: A pretty nondescript strip center next to the fabulous HEB on Fountain View and San Felipe (more specifically, 1842 Fountain View Dr.)

Why: “Home style cooking so good you’ll slap your mama!” Bold statement. Simple restaurant. Yet, very true.

The deets: Fountain View Cafe is definitely a no frills breakfast and lunch place. You order at a counter, get your own drinks, and seat yourself. It’s kind of like the Galleria version of Buffalo Grille in West U.

The food: The menu isn’t about to get crazy and start throwing on spiced rose petals onto your migas or soaking your eggs Benedict biscuit in Vietnamese duck lard. However, it’s got all the breakfast basics–at prices that probably haven’t been touched by inflation in about 15 years. I ordered the egg sandwich on a croissant with a side of hash browns and spent less than $10. Homey, humble presentation, but plenty of taste just like something you’d make yourself at home. #winning! You can’t go wrong with a classic dish like scrambled eggs with peppers and spinach with a side of hash browns and an English muffin either! Fountain View Cafe is also big on desserts – check out that beautiful homemade cinnamon roll with raisins!

When to go:

  • When you’re on a budget and don’t want to drop $14 on a craft cocktail spritzed with rose water.
  • When you want to wear leggings and last nights makeup and not run into one of your coworkers. It’s definitely a family place, somewhere your grandparents might be regulars at. No need to dress up.
  • When you want to catch up with your besties and hog a table without ordering anything for 3+ hours. There are no waiters, so there is no one peskily monitoring your table and hinting for you to leave. We hung out at the restaurant and essentially closed the place down when we finally left at 2:30pm.
  • When you run a 5K (or just wake up starving) and realize that all other brunch places don’t open to 11, you can grab some fabulous breakfast here — they are open at 8am on weekends!

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