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Thoughts Had During a Spontaneous One-Day Juice Cleanse

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I’ve been wanting to a do a juice cleanse for a while. I’ve been inspired by FullyRaw Kristina forever, have been tempted by the YogaOne juicebar every time I’ve walked in, and was given the chance to do a one-day Freshii cleanse, but passed it down. Juice cleanses are very trendy right now and I can list off a bunch of coworkers that are doing a Squeezed four-day cleanse. I’m all about that meditation/finding your inner peace/cleansing yourself of the bad lifestyle and I see how fasting or a cleanse integrates with these goals. However, I’m a very active person, so have never been able to dedicate time to doing a cleanse because I’ve been either training for a half marathon, bought an unlimited month pass to yoga, or planning  something crazy like long bike routes or kayaking on the weekend.HEB Fresh Squeezed Juices

However, the fates would have it that shoulder surgery aligned with a gap between projects at work and I’ve been working from home for the past two weeks while I recover. So I figured, no time like the present to try out a juice cleanse now, right?

It was really a spontaneous decision to do a cleanse.  Since I can’t drive with my shoulder, I had gotten a ride to the HEB and wanted to stock up on as much fresh fruit and healthy things as I could because I had the help to carry them into my house (fruit really is heavy). While in the store, I saw HEB’s beautiful array of fresh pressed juices and immediately started to load up. But of course, since they are fresh AF, they need to be drunken immediately because they don’t have any preservatives in them or been pasteurized, I decided right then and there–YOLO–juice cleanse Friday tomorrow. Let’s go.

Since I was only going to do one day, I wasn’t too concerned about which juices I got. I chose my favorites and went with three 32 oz bottles of:

  • Pineapple Green Juice (cucumbers, pineapple, granny smith apples, spinach, kale)
  • Apple Carrot Juice
  • Orange Carrot Juice

What’d that cost me? $7.48+$4.67+$4.47 = $16.62. I’ve had a carafe of mimosa cost more than that. Which compared to all the other juice cleanse out there that start at $50-$80. I think I made the right choice….

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Here are my thoughts had during my spontaneous, unstructured, healthy-intentions, one-day, HEB, juice cleanse:

FullSizeRender (67)7:31am: *Wakes up* I’m hungry. Dang. Not off to a good start.

7:37am Let’s distract myself from the hunger by starting the blog post.

7:56am Nice. Written the intro. Sufficiently distracted myself for 30 minutes.

8:00am Time for glass of juice number one. Let’s go take pretty pictures for the blog and convince myself that this is a good idea.

8:26am Woah. Just did the math here. I’m about to drink 96 oz of juice today. Plus whatever I drink in water. I’m going to have to pee a lot.

8:40am First juice complete and enjoyed.

8:43am Fact: each bottle of juice drank adds at least 3 years to your life.

10:48am Onto another glass….Feeling good.

10:49am Dang. Why is my fridge so full?!

11:35am Instagram is not a safe place to be during lunch time.

12:34pm  I feel like Dumbledore in the 6th Harry Potter book…NO MORE JUICE! Okay, I’ll have some more thanks.

1:50pm Onto bottle number two!

1:58pm Snapchat is also a dangerous place to be at lunch time

HEB Green Juice2:04pm This green juice on is not half bad! Pineapple was def the way to go!

2:08pm Let’s do some math here… If I go to bed at 8pm this marks the halfway point! Lol no…

2:40pm My pee is so clear!

3:48pm I’m going for a walk. People juicing are allowed to walk right? I’m only at 1000 steps…9000 more to go..

5:12pm Just did a four mile walk. Is that aggressive for someone on a juice cleanse? Maybe… But I feel good!

5:36pm I feel like it’s mostly self control at this point to not eat. Like I’m not hungry. But I’m bored and want to watch House of Cards and eat popcorn. Also I just went grocery shopping, so I’ve got the best stocked fridge in town!


5:45pm I’m thinking Chopped is not the best show to watch right now

5:59pm Now would also probably be a bad time to start planning out cocktails for Monday’s Bachelor watch…

6:55pm Roommate is home… Can’t watch her eat. Need her to leave kitchen. Temptation is too strong.

HEB Carrot Juice7:11pm Going in for the final juice of the day!

7:34pm Why is this book I’m reading giving me recipes?!

7:35pm I can’t wait to picnic and drink wine tomorrow. How good does Brie and a baguette sound?!

7:36pm I have leftover pasta in the fridge that should be good for breakfast too.

7:37pm Or should I eat just fruits and veggies tomorrow and no processed food?

7:38pm Wine doesn’t even sound good right now. Bread does tho. Or fresh baked tortillas. Over liquids. How do people drink 100oz of water in one day?!

8:02pm House of Cards and juice #yas

8:03pm My roomie is eating tortilla chips in the couch *side eyes*

8:04pm All these juices are dang good I can’t even pick a favorite

8:06pm Why are we discussing brunch right now in the group chat?!

8:30pm One day was pretty easy. I feel like I need to do a 3 or 5 day cleanse to really feel something.

10:36pm Bed time! A successful day!


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  3. Juice cleanses can help kick start a weight loss plan and encourage healthy eating habits. It is a relatively easy diet because the suggested fruits and vegetables are easy to find, no matter where you live. They are available at the local supermarket.

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