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A Few of Our Favorite Things: April

Fave things

So far, April has been all about the weather — from its blissful breezy start, to its mid-month storms (and TERRIBLE, deadly floods), and now to its humid heat that makes us all go, “ah, yes, this is summer.” We’ve hit the gym a lot so far this month (exhibit A and exhibit B), and obviously spent some quality time in the not-so-great indoors. Hopefully our month will end with some pool time. Fingers crossed.

Anyways, here’s what we loved!

Skimm Ahead: For all those who love TheSkimm, Skimm Ahead is for the true fans. Rather than having to wait for your Skimm email each morning, the Skimmrs have made a calendar for you to sync to your iPhone cal (or just view it in the app!). It tells you everything from when the next presidential debate is (and why it’s important, etc.) to when Kimmy comes back to Netflix. Gosh, does theSkimm just get me. Here’s how you can get it: Step one. Click this. Step two. Text yourself the link to the app store and download. Step Three. Authorize the subscription (it’s a measly $3 a month—you can afford that). Optional step four. Sync! Literally so obsessed! – N

Our bkr Bottles: Shout out to the fashionable, yet totally functional bkr water bottle that has traveled from Camp Gladiator boot camps, to Pure Barre class, to BSY yoga, to OTF and more. It’s made of glass, has a nice silicone sleeve, and is easy to wash and maintain. I keep wanting people to walk up to me and ask me about it, so I can tell them how obsessed I am with it. – A

Free Yoga: I’m just so obsessed with The Raven Tower in general (live music, amazing view of the city, chill hang), but the free yoga Black Swan puts on every Sunday at Raven Tower is actually the coolest. Bring a thick mat, and get ready to interact with strangers! Love. Love. Love. – N

Salon Style Art: All this April rain forcing me indoors has fueled my desire to finally check off some home improvement items off my to-do list. The first being: finally arrange and hang all my newly acquired framed art. I found some series gems for to-die-for deals at 2nd Debut Furniture Resale. Inspired by a million and one articles on salon style art, I mapped everything out and with the help of some butcher paper to ensure alignment, I was able to recreate a beautiful hanging art collage myself! -A

“The Girl With No Past”: Here’s your monthly book rec! I read two this month (the other one was “Brooklyn”), but I definitely think “The Girl With No Past” is worth the read more. It’s a psychological thriller with some MAJOR twists and turns. It’s definitely a poorly written novel with some minor plot holes, but the general story line is GOOD. You’ll definitely need a glass of wine after some of these chapters. It flips back and forth between the main character’s past and present, which is always fun. (Ps. “Brooklyn” is really good too, but just watch the movie). – N

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