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The Bachelorette: Brack at it Again (Week 1)

Come showtime, last night our wine glasses were full, our confidence high, and our Bachelorette Fantasy Suiteball teams locked in. OF COURSE we’re doing a fantasy league this year for The Bachelorette. After all, the first one was so successful.

I’m p pumped for my team. I have Wells (swoon, that smile), Luke (#TexasAF), Chad (nervous and scared) and Daniel (lord help me, eh). I drafted second, so I def could have had Jordan, but he seemed off…….. hope I don’t regret that.

Anyways, I’m so excited for all this sports stuff over the Bachelorette. Like, I wish I could do even more!

Cue terrible commercial segue… AND NOW YOU CAN!

This year, It’s Not Hou is ALSO doing a bracket and you can play with us! It’s free, online, and automatic — no point tracking or math required. So, if you want, hop on over to It’s Not Hou It’s JoJo and GAME ON.

Now, we’ll continue on with our regularly scheduled programing: The recap.

JoJo and her squad

Per usual, ABC brings in their favorite past Bachelorettes to advise ye lil one. Somehow, Kaitlyn was there. JK, I kind of love her, but she is also kind of a mess. I rly hope her and Shawn work out bc then I can say I told you so.

Anyways, they advise and cheers to a great season, and I’m already bored of JoJo.

The dudes

Is it just me, or are all these homies gorgeous. Even the people I would do a hard pass on based on their head shots I was digging. Honestly, the phrase of the night was: “Omg, he’s much cuter in person” like we’re actually meeting them IRL.

The other phrase was: “Why does he walk so funny??”

The frat party

I can’t with these drunkies. But, also… I kind of love it. This Daniel kid, eh. “Have you been following the internet for the past couple months.” JoJo: “No….” Welp, this relationship won’t last long, and not bc he stripped and jumped in the pool.

Meanwhile, ascot dude Nick S. was one of the ones cuter than his pic. And then he gets wasted and is back to level ass-cot. Also, Vinny seems chill, until drunk. Then he seems murderery.

The roses

13287152_10206310147622478_1203750449_nSomehow, some way…. Daniel puts his clothes back on. Even more surprising, he gets a rose. Whut. But also #GOTEAM

Who are you Sal, ascot asshole Nick S., kilt the moment Jonathan, and weird stache Peter all pack up before they unpacked.

My team is fully in tact and my bracket is beautiful. Game on, y’all!

PS! Follow us on snapchat (@itsnothouitsme) to watch us watch them.

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