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10 Things to Know Before You Go to BIG SUP Yoga

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BIG Power Yoga is into their third season of teaching SUP Yoga classes on Lake 288. For those of you who are new to the sport — SUP Yoga or Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga–is a fun way to test your balance and change up your yoga practice. This past weekend, I took the Yin Yoga class and tried my hand out at SUP Yoga. Here are 10 things that I learned and what you should know before you go!

  1. The classes sell out! So be sure to plan ahead and reserve your spot well in advance. I’d recommend at least a week. When I booked on Thursday, a few classes had already been sold out. Classes cost $35-40. This might seem pricey, but if you were to rent a paddle board (without the yoga class) on the same lake it would cost $30. So you’re really getting a deal.
  2. Lake 288 is kinda far and weirdly located. Lake 288 is closer to Clear Lake than Houston. And there is some construction going on nearby, so if this is your first time — leave extra early to ensure you get there in time.
  3. Yin Yoga class is more meditation than workout. If you’re looking to sweat and get a six-pack by the end of class, Yin Yoga might not be the class for you. It’s very slow moving and meditative. You hold a few poses (we did about 8 or so) for long stretches of time. The typical SUP Yoga class moves through 30-40.
  4. Being on a lake is peaceful AF. There is a reason relaxation tapes have birds and water sounds on them. Being surrounded by nature is very restorative and calming.
  5. You won’t fall in (unless you want to). Balancing on a paddle board is easier than you think. The class uses special Boga Boards that have a sticky/tread mat on them and are nice and wide for doing yoga. Plus, the poses done during each class are arranged in such a way, that it’s unlikely that you’ll fall in.
  6. The water isn’t cold. For the class we did in Mid-May, the water wasn’t too hot or too cold. Perfect for a dip during class and for a light swim afterwards. I’m sure as the summer heats up, the water will too.
  7. The lake is spring fed. Apparently, some contractors went digging and hit this underground spring, so they abandoned their project and now Lake 288 is a haven for scuba divers, kayak instructions, triathlon athletes, and SUP Yoga enthusiasts.
  8. Wear what you wanna wear. If you’re looking to do some crazy acro yoga and headstands on your board, a swim suit might be the better. I wore a sports bra + Triangl suit bottoms, and wore a hat to keep the sun out of my eyes. Other people wore everything from leggings and lululemon tops to one-piece suits with shorts.
  9. Prepare for the sun. This is Houston, and we’re coming up on summer. Be smart and protect yourself. Bring sunscreen (or if you’re like me–coconut oil) and a hat. If you’re going to wear sunglasses, make sure they have a band so you don’t lose them if you fall in
  10. They take pictures during class. Want to commemorate your SUP Yoga experience, but don’t want to wear a GoPro or risk your phone ending up at the bottom of the lake? No worries, there is an assistant that paddles around during class and takes pictures of all the action. You can check out some of the pictures on the BIG SUP Facebook page. Warning: some people stay after and do crazy arm balances and acro poses. You’re not expected to do any of that during class — unless you want to!

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