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5 Favorite Things: Houston in July

Welcome to a new series we’re doing! We’re
taking our “Few of our Favorite Things” 

series and changing it to be all Houston, all the time.
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Two things come to mind when I think of Houston in July:

  1. Hot as hell, and

But once you get yourself to a pool with a frozen marg in hand, you’ll be back to loving on your town. Other July Houston musts are…

JULY1. Bars with frozen drinks. Did I mention it was hot? Enter: Lei Low. This Heights tiki bar has no shortage of frozen drinks with rum, just maybe eat a hearty meal beforehand as the drinks may or may not knock you off your ass. Also, it’s not every day you get a fancy rum drink — usually just when you’re off the coast of Mexico — so this is your staycation… minus the beach and plus more rum.

2. Pools with floats. #Floatgamestrong. If step one is drinks, step two is pool…. and step three is float. Pro tip: Amazon Prime is your best friend. Just don’t expect these floats to last you a couple years on the lake. Cheap floats = cheaply made floats. Just be sure to enjoy them before they go pop.

3. Wall photo sashes. Don your best white dress and head to one of Houston’s colorful walls. Don’t know which wall to put your back up against? We have a list for you to choose from.

4. Weekend getaways. We have accumulated plenty of travel blogs of late, but we are always down for Texas day trips from tubing the Guadalupe and exploring Austin, to a classic Galveston day trip or a (basically Texas trip) to Baton Rouge.

5. Keeping cool, calm and collected. The age-old summer heat escape since the dawn of time is… movie theaters. As an adult with no children, I can’t say I get to many movies in theaters any more. However, when I do, I have my favorite Houston spots, and I’m willing to let you in on the secret.

  • iPic theater. Recliners, full bar and restaurant and in the trendy River Oaks District makes this spot worth its ticket price. Prepare to dole out the cash, honestly. $17+ tickets… and THEN you have food and drinks.
  • River Oaks Theatre. Not exactly as glamorous, but this historic theatre has good, cheap shows in a cool part of town! Plus, some shows are streamed live from the British Opera House. NBD.
  • Studio Movie Grill. A poor man’s iPic. This place has the food and drink delivered to your seats, but is just less glamorous, TBH. Still a viable option!

Bonus: This one isn’t a Houston thing, per se, but it’s a really neat accessory for female professionals (me!) with long hair attempting to suffocate them during the hot summer days (me again!). It’s called the Busy Girl Bangle and it’s available online from Go Girl Designs. So, you know, you go girl.


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