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7 Things to Know Before You Go: Houston Margarita Festival

This post originally published Oct. 27, 2015, but has been
updated and republished to include the 2016 fest info!

I’m sorry, but is there any festival in Houston that makes you happier or more exciting than something called the “Houston Margarita Festival”? No. Literally, the only thing that sounds better is, like, a free money festival. And honestly, it’s still a close call.

So here are the fast facts:

When: Saturday, November 5 from 12-10 p.m.

Where: Sam Houston Park (downtown)

Tickets: Begin at $25 and include admission, one complimentary margarita and a discount on additional margaritas. Buy ’em here. BUT, because you’re a super cool It’s Not Hou It’s Me reader, you get tickets for just $10. Use the code: hmf5

And here are the 8 things you need to know before you go:

Fact: Extra beverages can be bought, here’s the catch, for CASH ONLY. So, hit up your bank’s ATM pre-fest. Margs are $6 and premium drinks are $8.

Fact:  The first 10,000 attendees to arrive at the Festival will receive a complimentary Houston Margarita Festival cup. YAASSS TO FREE THINGS.

Fact: There is a salsa competition and anyone can enter. For. Free.

Fact: There are, like, 27 flavors to try. INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO:  green apple, grapefruit, pumpkin spice, coconut, peach mango, cucumber apple, grape, and coconut. Some make me wanna vom, some sound just crazy enough to work.

False: You don’t have to just nom on chips and queso while drinkin your marg. Yes, there will be Mexican food, but also barbeque, seafood and Cajun cuisine.

Fact: Your money, in some part, goes to scholarships. Local non-profits and organizations that have groups volunteer, receive monetary donations to support their organization’s mission or scholarship programs.

Fact: You can follow Houston Margarita Festival on Facebook and Twitter for ticket and event updates.

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  2. Thanks SO much for the discount! I have been eyeing this festival since 2 months ago and I totally forgot about it until your post. It’s finally here! *purchasing tickets after this comment*

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