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First Look: Brunch at Café Azur

The world is well overdue for a brunch post from It’s Not Hou It’s Me. Thankfully, I was able to break the brunch drought due to the holidays and excessive amount of travel adventures to go check out Café Azur’s new brunch menu!

I was quite excited to visit Café Azur because the restaurant is situated in an adorable stretch of Montrose neighborhood off of Montrose Boulevard right before you cross the bridge that goes over 59. There’s a collection of cute little storefronts and restaurants under overgrown trees along the street. TBD on where the parking for all these places is because I certainly couldn’t find anything that made sense. I ended up doing the complimentary valet in the Walgreens parking lot next door.

I was seated at a bright white and turquoise blue stripped booth with white table cloth. The whole place had a very fresh, clean Mediterranean beach vibe too it with accents of blue dancing around the seating area.

cafe azur houston brunch menu

Café Azur just started serving bunch earlier this month, so the brunch service is still fairly new and working out a few kinks. For example, I ended up with someone else’s meal. Luckily I was busy taking pictures of anything and everything (like the good obnoxious blogger that I am) before I could delve into the dish and realize their mistake.

cafe azur houston brunch menu

Fresh Gulf Fish

The brunch menu is fairly standard–mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, eggs benedict, omelet, etc. but at a slightly higher price point. The white table cloths should be an indicator that Café Azur is a classy af establishment that you go to treat your out of town aunt for the holidays and not get champagne drunk with your friends.

cafe azur houston brunch menu

I ordered the Perfect Egg with asparagus and potato foam. If you read that and thought, uhhh what. You’re not a lone. Let’s take a sec and break that down a bit. We’ll start with the easy part–asparagus: green, chopped, sautéed and sprinkled on top. The perfect egg? I’ve seen that before at Common Bond. It’s cooked at exactly 65 degrees C to have this miraculous consistency with the yolk and whites in perfect juicy harmony. Next is the potato foam. It tastes like potato. Looks kinda like super smooth mashed potatoes, but has a creamy, soup-like texture. Very bizarre. Especially when you break the egg yolk and it all kinda has a mushy texture. Tasted fantastic! But definitely wasn’t the most photogenic after two bites.

cafe azur houston brunch menu

Eggs Benedict was a real winner with some super thick brioche toast and *normal* prepared potatoes. The Crepe Suzzette was also delightful – and I don’t even like dessert! It was moderately sweet, with some cool vanilla ice cream and orange liquor sauce — paired perfectly with a glass of champagne!

I’d recommend Café Azur for a nice spot to impress out-of-town family for dinner or to celebrate your end of year bonus. It’s classy, in a cute neighborhood and has an intimate homey feel. And if you’re the adventurous foodie type, the potato foam is calling your name.

cafe azur houston brunch menu cafe azur houston brunch menu




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