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Color in Motion: Be a Running Rainbow with Us


Last weekend, we were running 6.55 miles in 20-degree weather, so, a 5K (in what will surely be warmer weather and will also include music and color) on Feb. 25 ain’t seeming like a bad deal. Grab your friends and plan on a wild and messy Saturday morning.

We love running (apparently enough to do that WQM on icy roads), and we’re jumping at the opportunity to do another one — this time, bring on the paint.


6 things to know before you do the Color in Motion 5K:

  1. You get $$$ off when you use our code “itsnothou.” It’s only a few bucks, but every bit counts, right? And at $20.17, tickets are pretty cheap (price until Jan. 17!)
  2. Your ticket donates to the charity partner is Girls on the Run, which is a transformational learning program for 8 to 13 year-old girls that teaches life skills through dynamic, conversation-based lessons and, you guessed it, running.
  3. We’re sponsors! Come for us… and run WITH us.
  4. You gotta wear white. We’re painting, and you’re the canvas. It’s abstract.
  5. It’s at the Sam Houston Race Track. May or may not be racing with horses. Ok. 100% not. JK maybe. OK not. Maybe. No, not. Anyways, parking should be fine! It’s a huge campus. Just park near the horses. JK. There won’t be horses. Or will there be?!? There won’t be. Unless…
  6. Your regular ticket gets you everything you need (t-shirt, tattoo, bib, entrance into color bash, finisher medal), but there is a VIP option that also includes sunglasses, bag, headband and a bandana! Boom. Upgrade.

See ya out there, y’all!

Heads up — there are some affiliate links in here!

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