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Kitchen 713 is Open and Its Brunch Means Business

Driving down Washington Ave. the other week, I noticed some new signage on one of the strip centers near Shepherd. It appeared that a new spot called Kitchen 713 was due to open, and after a quick check on Instagram (obvi the most reliable source of information on this), confirmed that I had a new brunch spot in my hood! Serving up Southern food, Kitchen 713 has a brunch menu that means business.

The menu is broken down into Small Plates and Large Plates and a great selection of sides. There’s also a fantastic cocktail menu, which I more certainly indulged in. I kicked off the meal with a Kitchen 713 Bloody Mary (typical me!) and was surprised af when it got delivered yellow (not typical!). Consulting the menu again to make sure I hadn’t misspoken, I confirmed that it was indeed a Bloody Mary – just made with yellow tomato juice! MIND BLOWN. It also had some bomb ingredients like Gochu Jange pepper paste, pickle brine, horse radish, roasted yellow pepper puree and celery bitters that took it over the top.


For my main meal, I ordered the Avocado Toast (sans Chorizo). It is one piece of toast served on a big ass plate and topped with whipped avocado, a fried egg and salsa macha. My Bloody Mary cost more (haha). I also ordered a side of Macaroni and Cheese because wth not?! I highly recommend this to anyone that visits because its $5, a huge serving and great quality. After filling up on my first second Bloody Mary, I was a touch full and happily took the majority of the serving to-go.


One friend got the Fried Chicken which was served with a biscuit and side of Mac and Cheese (I’m telling you it’s good!). This meal looked pretty basic, but had plenty of food for leftovers!


The Slut Burger was also ordered at the table. We were a bit confused by the name (our server couldn’t tell us what it was from) but that was basically a pretty standard burger—huge af, with a heaping pile of fries.


And the final friend got the Chicken Fried Duck Breakfast Sandwich. It was a pretty small, but filling serving—definitely plated the most gorgeously, but also definitely didn’t resemble a sandwich.


The service at Kitchen 713 was on point. Multiple people were making sure orders were taken, water glasses were filled, and food was delivered in a timely manner. Shout out to the fantastic team working last Sunday because good service makes all the difference! Can’t wait to come back and check out dinner and happy hour!

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