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Top 5 Resale Shops to Visit in Houston

That fossilized piece of coral on your bookshelf, that eye catching piece of wall art, that unusually shaped statement vase, more often than not probably doesn’t come from your local IKEA or Target store. In my case, many of the defining pieces of my home typically are accumulated from my adventures traveling and having a good eye scrounging around in Houston.

“Houston is a mecca for resales. There’s one on practically every corner. And many have random treasures of all kinds.” – My mother, the Queen of Resale

Whether you’re looking to create your own salon style gallery wall, refurbish a set of dining room chairs, or discover the perfect housewarming gift, Houston has a plethora of thrift stores and resale shops to explore. Here are some of my favorites that have constantly refreshed inventory of home goods and high quality items, which keep me coming back time and time again.

  1. The Guild Shop (2009 Dunlavy St.). Located in the heart of Montrose, this shop is by far my favorite resale shop in Houston. People literally get up early on weekends to stand in line to peruse the gems that arise in this shop. The hours are a bit hard to work around if you work during the week, but if you can swing by on Saturday it’s definitely worth your time, especially if you’re in the market for furniture. I’ve found sets of chairs here and plenty of large artwork. The Guild Shop also tends to have a solid selection of ceramic roosters (which represents luck, fidelity and protection), and is my go-to housewarming gift. Every southern kitchen needs a rooster! Like many resale shops, prices in the Guild Shop are marked down 20% every thirty days and remain in the store up to 90 days. Profits from the Guild Shop also go to supporting elderly in need.
  2. Antiques on Yale (2110 Yale St.) While there are loads of antique shops sprinkled about 19th Street in the Heights, my favorite is a block or two north on Yale St. Antiques on Yale has 10,000 square feet of display space for antique furniture and accessories. Dealers rent out blocks of the shop and put their items on display. I find this Houston antique shop to be very well curated and organized. The items are refreshed periodically too so each time when you come in you’re not staring at the same set of dusty, unwanted photographs and postcards (who wants those anyways!?!). Don’t miss out on the upstairs, which has a delightful selection of art as well as those sought-after fossilized bits of coral!
  3. 2nd Debut Furniture Resale (11026 Westhiemer Rd.). This furniture consignment shop is worth the drive out to Westchase. I outfitted much of my first apartment with gems found in this store including wooden bar stools, a giant bronze Buddha head, and numerous pieces of art that I crafted into a salon style art wall. The merchandise turns over quickly, so there’s always something new and unique. Also, if you fall in love with a large piece of furniture, they’ll coordinate the furniture delivery.
  4. Goodwill Stores (Multiple Locations) Having spent many a college afternoon scourging through racks to near campus to find a fur coat, a pair of overalls or something that would fit a university dance theme of “Jungle Fever,” Goodwill will always be a solid spot for unusual discoveries. While typically heavier on the tacky clothing side, it is possible to uncover home good gems like complete dish sets, vases, picture frames,and books.
  5. The Mustard Seed (1410 Elgin St.) Located in what is now a very up-and-coming stretch of Midtown, the Mustard Seed shop is smaller than many resale stores on this list but is nevertheless filled with thrifting potential. It’s got the usual mix of furniture, housewares, and clothing and marks down the price based on how long the item has been sitting in the shop. If you like giving back to the community, know that all proceeds from the shop benefit the Magnificat Houses Ministry programs so karma is in your favor.

Where are your favorite spots to find thrifting deals for home goods in Houston?

7 thoughts on “Top 5 Resale Shops to Visit in Houston

  1. Coming to Texas for the first time ever in February, but not to Houston. Maybe someday. Who would have thought resale was such a hit – it isn’t around the Midwest for some reason. Interesting post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Loved this article on resale shops! My motto has always been why pay retail when there’s resale? My interior designer taught me that many resale items are highly valuable pieces that for countless reasons are no longer needed, which are randomly donated or consigned. In some cases someone may have originally paid up to 99% more for some incredible deals out there…of course, by the plethora of resale shops out there, Houston already knows that.

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