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10 Things to Know About Momentum Indoor Climbing in Houston

If you’re like me and haven’t been rock climbing since a middle school birthday party, let me be the first one to tell you that you’re missing out! I went for the first time in decades (literally), channeled my inner adventurer, and had a blast and half. I went to the newly opened Momentum Indoor Climbing gym at Silver Street Studios to try out my Spider-Man skills. Here are 10 things I learned from my experience rock climbing in Houston at Momentum Indoor Climbing.

rock climbing houston momentum

  1. Momentum Indoor Climbing is more than just a rock wall. It costs $20 to get in. But there’s also a bunch of membership packages for individuals and couples that include rock climbing access and yoga classes. There’s also a legit gym with free weights, spin bikes and rowing machines.
  2. You can rent shoes. Which I did. I needed all the help I can get to get up the walls. It cost $6. Not sure if it made a difference at my experience level, but everyone was doing it, so yolo I did too
  3. It’s technically bouldering. There are no ropes or anything for support.rock climbing houston momentum
  4. Rock climbing is like solving a puzzle! I found it very mentally stimulating and challenging. You follow the different colors and create a strategy of how to get from one side to the other via laid out paths. It’s fascinating. Little tags designate where you’re supposed to “START” and higher up on the wall a larger rock will say “FINISH.” It’s up to you to get from point A to point B.
  5. If you’re afraid of heights, no problem. There’s lots of color path challenges that you can tackle just inches above the floor. For example there was an orange path that was all foot holds with no hand holds. So you had to balance your way across just using your feet with nothing to hold onto your arms.rock climbing houston momentum
  6. If you want to feel accomplished and actually climb something, follow the purple rock holds. I found these to have the best hand holds and was even able to climb on top of one of the rock wall structures!rock climbing houston momentum
  7. The minimalist geometric routes were my favorite. It’s less about gripping and strength as it is balance, wedging your body properly and keeping your body close to the wall. It’s super cool. rock climbing houston momentum
  8. Be prepared to get sore hands and sore forearms. Also some calluses / blisters. After and hour and half, I was pretty tired and my hands were tender from all the gripping. I’m writing this the day after climbing and my hands are still a bit tender.
  9. If you’re afraid of falling, no worries. There’s big mats everywhere and you watch a video on how to fall safely before entering the gym. There’s also class options where you can learn rock climbing techniques. I found it was pretty mental when getting up higher. Like you’re not actually that high above the ground. rock climbing houston momentum
  10. Momentum Indoor Climbing has great people watching. If you get stuck find a master climber and follow how they climb up the wall and then when they move to another wall take their place and try to imitate them. People do crazy things and it’s super fun to watch!

rock climbing houston momentum

Momentum Indoor Climbing is one of our suggestions for a fun date idea! Pair it with beers afterwards at Holler Brewing or warm pho from Local Pho across the street. Or if you catch it on a second Saturday, stroll through the open studios at Winter Street and Silver Street Studios.

Have you ever been climbing in Houston? Where do you like to go?

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