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Why I’m Obsessed with Boost Pilates

Pilates is by far my new obsession. It’s a targeted muscle workout that is challenging every time I go. This past weekend, I visited Boost Pilates in West U. The space is a little oasis inside a meh-looking strip center off Stella Link and Bellaire. Warm sky blue geometrics divide the room and inspiring phrases like “Powerful Mind, Powerful Body” line the walls.

Walking into the space, I slipped my gym shoes into the cubby, in preparation for a barefoot class (you can also wear sticky socks!). It’s a similar set up to Defy Pilates and Citizen Pilates.

Despite having 11 reformers, the space remains cozy and intimate. The class I took was albeit a little challenging and left my abs and some weird muscle that I didn’t even know I had in my butt sore. I work out regularly and rarely do I end up sore from workouts, so I’m obsessed with anything that can get me to that point. Especially a Pilates class that does it so effortless and gracefully.

boost pilates houston west u

The class centered around a sleek version of the reformer machine. I brought my roommate to the class and had a hoot and half attempting to describe the magic that happens on a reformer machine in a Pilates class beforehand. Basically, a reformer is a board about the size of a yoga mat that’s connected to a bunch of springs and slides back and forth. The difficulty depends on the number of springs you’ve got attached and what color they are. Boost Pilates takes normal workout moves–likes lunges, crunches, and bicep curls–and layers on levels of difficulty by incorporating movement from the reformer machine that tests your stability and balance.

As a runner, I love this type of class as cross training because many of the exercises rely on balance and are performed on one leg with a strap wrapped around the other. Balance is incredibly important while running, because if you’ve ever noticed, when you run you’re always balancing on only one leg at a time. So targeting and strengthening all the tiny muscles in your leg are clutch for amping up performance and increasing stability.

boost pilates houston west u

Throughout the class we incorporated fun props like a ring, weights, and bar. Other items in the bin that we didn’t use included things like a rubber ball, rubber band, ankle weights. We started with a bunch of leg exercises on one leg, built it up till I was trembling, then switched to some ab exercises and arm movements. I always imagine a Pilates class like climbing a ladder. You go up and up and up till you can’t anymore so then you return the way you came. So after we did all the exercises on one side of the body, we reversed and hit everything on the opposite side to even out.

boost pilates houston west uboost pilates houston west u

All the classes at Boost Pilates are 50 minutes long, but time flies when you’re sweating like a pig having fun. There is also no differentiation between the classes online. This lack of distinction is intentional because they don’t want to discourage people from trying out the class (i.e. avoiding advanced classes or not wanting to go to a beginner one). People of all abilities attend the classes and the instructors tailor the classes accordingly to ensure everyone is challenged and safe.

You can sign up for classes on their website or Mindbody. Boost Pilates is also on Class Pass. AND if you’re not looking to travel out to West U all the time, stay tuned because Boost Pilates is opening up a new location in Montrose in the coming weeks! Make sure you’re following them on Instagram for updates and new joiner specials.

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