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It’s Your Lucky Day at Better Luck Tomorrow’s Brunch

I was skeptical going into Better Luck Tomorrow’s brunch. BLT is a solid bar, and bars that do brunch are just amazing drunches and food ain’t the point, mimosas are. But then I remembered that Justin Yu, big important Houston chef, was involved and I got excited to check out the menu.

First of all, love the atmosphere at BLT. It’s a neighborhood spot — though not with a neighborhood spot prices — and I really love the bright colors incorporated in the design. V artsy. Also, there’s a killer patio, FYI. It’s now patio season — but when isn’t it?

We started with coffee and “improved” orange juice — whatever that means — and coffees. You get your own cream and a shot glass of simple syrup to add at your preference, which is cool and all but the coffees were cold. Grrr.

Eating time. I got the fried chicken, which I think was the best move. It was so crispy and I love dipping it in the mashed potatoes— such a good idea.

The breakfast sandwich was a close second. It’s definitely the safe decision, and I loved the sausage in it.

Hangover hashbrowns sounded like such a great idea in theory, but the serving size was not really a entre, but more of an appetizer. V yum tho.

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