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Best Spots to Watch a Houston Sports Game

Whether you’re rooting for the Astros or trying to catch a college football game (or, you know, both), you might need a spot with good food, plenty of TVs, and a supportive crowd. No matter the sport, these are our favorite spots around town for a cold one and a ball game.

PS. In the name of authenticity, I have been to every single one of these! Hard work. 😉  If there’s somewhere else we need to know about, let me know in the comments and I will check it out!

Eight Row Flint (Heights)

Eight Row Flint

Mostly outdoors. If two Houston teams are both playing, they alternate every TV. Frozen G&Ts if we’re winning; cheap thrills if we’re losing and you need a Miller and a shot to drink away your sorrows.

Holman Draft Hall (Midtown)

holman draft hall

This one’s pretty new and has all the fancy drinks from Wooster’s but the chill scene of Heights Biergarten. Plus, the food here is AMAZING! The Slippery Rabbit (pictured) will keep you cool during the game and is *close* to a Rockets Red color.

Kirby Ice House (Upper Kirby)

There’s something for everyone at Kirby Ice House: Daily deals, plenty of seating variation, food trucks and a whole lotta beer to choose from. Just be 23 & up.

McIntyre’s (Heights)


ALSO a 23 and up bar. Swing, cheer, drink, repeat. Love this place for the people — is it ever NOT crowded?

FM Kitchen (Washington Corridor)

FM Kitchen

If food is important to your watch party, this one’s a great spot. $5 Rocket fuel pints while the team is runnin’ as one.

Beer Market (Midtown and Washington Corridor)

The Midtown location is HUGE and surely a great time. If you want something a little more chill, the one off Studemont is perfect.

Moxie’s (Galleria Area)

moxie's houston

Go team, eh? This Canadian transplant has amazing food, so many drinks to choose from and really hot waitresses. I am told the last thing is important but whatever. Happy hour DAILY from 3-6!

Front Porch Pub (Midtown)

Just a chill place to drink and be “in Midtown” without really being in Midtown. No line out the door here.

Heights Biergarten (Heights)

Heights Biergarten

I’d recommend this to someone who is trying to accommodate the group. It’s not overtly a sports bar, but there are TVs and you can make it work.

Fuego’s (Washington Corridor)

Not just for taco Tuesdays, y’all. Fuego’s for when the Rocket’s are *heatin’ up*.

Bovine and Barley (Downtown)

Bovine and Barley Brunch

Can’t make it to the home game (bc prices r ridic)? Just drink down the street and celebrate a W with all the people who pony-ed up for those expensive seats who inevitably head to Main Street after the game.

The Barking Pig (Heights)

Here’s another chill one. Totally a neighborhood bar. Bring the pups and sip on some wine.

Little Woodrow’s (Multiple locations)

IDK, this feels obvious, but if you didn’t know that literally every single Little Woodrow’s is a solid place to watch a game, well now you know.

Lucky’s (East Downtown)

Not just for watching the Astros! Any big Houston game, Lucky’s will pull out all the stops. I.e., watch on the big projector with a hundred of your closest friends.

Christian’s Tailgate (Multiple locations)

Another ole reliable if you are in a pinch. Follow the game with karaoke. Hopefully you’re singing “We are the champions”.

Ladybird’s (Washington Corridor)

Oh, yeah, this bar exists. Kidding. I do think this one flies under the radar a little, so if you hate crowds, try Ladybird’s!

King’s Biergarten (Heights)

King's Bierhaus

Not just good for trivia nights! This spot goes hard for Houston sports — and you can nibble on some yum German food while we win.

Check out our segment on the CW about where to watch college football!

Where do you watch your Houston sportsball games? Let us know in the comments!

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