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Need Beer or Wine? Favor’s Got You Covered

Favor Delivery

Whether it’s for a football game watch party or a monthly book club, sometimes you need beer and wine and just didn’t have the time to get to HEB to pick up the goods. Thankfully, Favor Delivery has your back. The app I’ve entrusted to feed lunch me on many a busy workday or lazy Sunday morning now has partnered with HEB to bring wine and beer straight to your door. Heck. Yes.

Houston is one of over 30 cities across Texas that has this feature. You already know and love the HEB wine and beer aisles, and now you get the same price and selection, but without having to go in the store. There’s no minimum order and NO DELIVERY FEE. Plus, just like in the store, when you get 6 bottles of wine or more, you get 10% off. What a steal.

Tonight, my girls are gathering for our monthly book club. We read “The Book of M” and we have a LOT to discuss. It’s a post apocalyptic novel about a world where people first lose their shadows, then lose their memories. It’s sad and intriguing and all the characters are so great. There’s a really insane twist at the end (isn’t that always fun) and now I need to properly discuss all this over many sips of wine. Enter: Favor. Heads up: this post is sponsored by Favor, but all opinions are my own!

Don’t know where to start? Here are some recs I have! For the full list, go here:

  • Lamarca Collezione Prosecco. $12.98. This is a classic at our book club. We put fresh fruit in it and always split at least 2 bottles.
  • Apothic Crush Red Blend. $7.97. This classic red blend goes down so easy. I’ll sometimes make sangria out of it too!
  • Bota Box Dry Rose. $15.49. For when you’re not messing around… 3 liters and a grapefruity wine. Let’s go.
  • Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc. $7.97. Drank this by the bottle at Lollapalooza. So crisp and yum.
  • Small Town Not Your Fathers Rootbeer. $9.99. For the nonbeer-loving and anti-wine people. No liquor delivery, but there is a malt liquor category to peruse!
  • Karbach Love Street. $7.99. I love that there’s a Texas craft beer section on Favor! All my favorites, like Love Street, are there!
  • Lone Star 18 pack. $14.57. Throwing a party? Here’s your best deal right here!

Once you order, you (the order placer) will be reminded that you MUST show a valid TX ID upon delivery. If you don’t have it, it’ll be a $20 fee and you will NOT get your wine and beer.

If you’ve never used Favor, click here to download the app! Use the code “ITSNOTHOU” to get free delivery on your first order! (PSA: Don’t use it for beer and wine, since that’s already free!!

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