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Everything You Need to Know About Houston’s Insta-Perfect Flower Vault in Montrose

Find rooms exploding with floral color amazement in Montrose in the old Joy Bird Furniture (1735 Westheimer Road)ย  just a block away from Agora, Brasil Cafe and Common Bond--you have no excuse to not be well caffeinated during your visit. Store is open Thursday – Saturday from 10am – 6pm, and 12pm – 5pm on Sundays. With some special days like Halloween sprinkled in! Check out the calendar now to get a ticket and roll through their FAQ about what you can and cannot bring and general photography etiquette.
Flower Vault Houston Montrose Location
Just like the Balloon Room, you’ll need to get a ticket for a timed entry so the exhibits aren’t overwhelmed. It costs $20 per adult, and $10 per pet (yes you can bring pets!!!). Kids under 10 are free. With your ticket you get 1 hour of self-service photography and fun! Tickets are non-refundable, so plan accordingly! When I went, there was about three other groups taking photos. Given an hour with our tickets, we took turns rotating through the different installations and in some cases were able to use the same installation at the simultaneously in different corners.
Flower Vault Houston Montrose Location
Inside the Vault are five different floral rooms. Upon entering, you’re greeted with a bubblegum floor with a pink rose and salmon peony wall–a favorite brought over from their San Antonio installation. Inside the window nooks are white throw rugs and pillows.
Flower Vault Houston Montrose Location
Nestled behind that room is the Marigold corner which is painted a vibrant orange with matching strands of plastic marigold hung playfully in rows across the ceiling.
Flower Vault Houston Montrose LocationFlower Vault Houston Montrose Location
The next room is painted floor to ceiling in faint yellow with a Fall Rainbow of colored leaves.
Flower Vault Houston Montrose Location
The following section is a photographer playground for amusement in the “Where Is Wall Flower” room. You can take pictures in two different sections of bold floral prints. Floral Vault has provided two printed chairs, a matching shelf, picture frames, books and even a dog bed. The best part though? THE JUMPSUITS that help you blend in with the walls. Oh yes, let the hilarity ensue.
The final room has a more classic touch with elegant purple roses and greenery. A family came prepared and was taking their Christmas card photos in the room!
All the rooms are lit naturally and artificially. I went in the early evening from 5-6pm and the light was a bit harsh at times coming through the west windows. It wasn’t too hard to work around, but something to consider when choosing your time slot. There’s also a bathroom with multiple full length mirrors, so plan your costume changes accordingly! Also, while I was there the owner Robbie had a bomb playlist going that could be heard throughout the whole place. Great tunes, good vibes, and delightful flowers!
Flower Vault Houston Montrose Location

5 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Know About Houston’s Insta-Perfect Flower Vault in Montrose

  1. This is so cute!!! Thanks for such a detailed post! I loved it. Just one question: did they provide the flower jumpsuit to match the flower green room?


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