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Last Minute Gift Idea + 10 Favorite Favors!

Holy moly, Christmas is just a week away, and — to no one’s surprise — I’ve slightly procrastinated on everything gift buying this year. Guys, cut me a break before you add me to the naughty list! I started a new job! I’ve been traveling! I… I… I need help.

Like for most of my meals lately and last-minute party hosting, I’m counting on Favor to get me out of this present predicament. (Double entendre on the “present” there — does this make up for my procrastination? No? Fair.)

This holiday season, Favor’s got gift cards. Heck. Yes. Actually, if you think about it, this is the PERFECT gift for me to give out. I’ve (very recently) used Favor to deliver pizza from the pizza place ACROSS THE STREET from where I live. So, in all actuality, my procrastination led to a gift that is just so *me*. (Or, in reality, I’ve just shared with you all how *truly* lazy I could be on holiday Hallmark Channel nights in with my cat, Maggie.)

Heads up! This post is sponsored by Favor, but all
and embarrassing revelations are my own. 

I digress…. Here are my 10 favorite things to order on Favor — basically, 10 reasons you should bless your friend or family member with the gift of Favor.

  1. Booze from H-E-B. I mean, let’s start with the most important, right? This holiday season, you’re sure to encounter many a holiday party — and you’re sure to also forget to bring something for the hostess. Have no fear — you can order beer and wine from HEB with Favor. I wrote all about this already. It’s a great option as a gift for you AND for the host of the party you’re attending. Note: You can’t redeem the gift card for alcohol.
  2. Beck’s Prime. If you take an inventory of my Favor orders (plz don’t) this one has to be my most Favor-ed. I crave a Becks burger when I’m my true laziest. Fries on the side, of course.
  3. Cafe Express. I’ve also ordered an embarrassing amount of mashed potatoes and chicken soup from Cafe Express — it’s my go-to when I’m even the slightest bit sick! Truly, that and a large black currant tea has healing powers!
  4. East Hampton Sandwich Co. This is a new one for me (well, and all of Houston). If you’re feeling fancy, get the lobster roll. Go on! Treat yo’self.
  5. El Tiempo Cantina. Am I even a Houstonian if this isn’t on my list? Come at me with queso and fajitas, El T! Ugh, wish Favor could deliver frozen margs. Can we work on that?
  6. Local Foods. At this point, I’m never more than 10 minutes away from a Local Foods, however, that does not stop me from having my crunchy chicken sandwich with sides of chips and pickles delivered to me every once and awhile.
  7. Pho Binh. I literally Favored Pho Binh last night — they do takeout RIGHT, y’all! Your pho is in a baggy with the herbs, and your broth and noodles and meet are in separate containers. You simply pour the broth over the meat and noodles and then add the pho and sauces. Add an order of egg rolls and its easily two meals!
  8. Star Pizza. You guessed it. Star Pizza is the aforementioned pizza place I live across the street from and yep, I once ordered a deep dish pizza from there. It was the wine calling the shots, but I have no regrets.
  9. The Rice Box. I’ve only recently discovered the magic that is The Rice Box, and I’ve never been the same. Long live overflowing boxes of delicious chinese food.
  10. Literally anything. I have to close on this story… one time I had a Favor delivery person deliver me tums to a restaurant I was eating at. That’s right. OK, fine, this isn’t true. But I did come *this* close to one time when I had increasingly bad heart burn. It thankfully went away before times got bad. But I was in a bind where I didn’t have my car with me and needed meds now! And I thought of Favor to come to my aid. So what I’m saying is, how do I put Favor on my emergency contact list?

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