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Is the New Unicorn Magical Dessert Bar Worth the Hype?


The cutest new spot in Montrose popped up to make all your pink unicorn dreams come true! Rainbow cakes, cotton candy, donuts and more are what you can expect from the Unicorn Magical Dessert Bar — but is it worth the hype?

My first impression of the eatery is that it’s a lot — in a kinda small space. When I went, there miraculously was no line (though there was one shortly after). Despite arriving at a relatively slow time, there were no free tables inside (small space problems). We did find a table outside, but it, like most others of the tables, was sticky and far from clean. I guess this is to be expected from an ice cream/dessert spot, but I mean, it does speak to customer service.

Ok, let’s talk about the sweets! The unicorn milkshake — which comes topped with a cone, a cookie AND a piece of cake — was about $15. My favorite part was the cake (though I’m not a huge shake fan to begin with)! Next time, I’ll just be ordering that, haha. I loved the lavender lemonade too — it comes with cotton candy! — though the blinking light was a bit too much.

Though you face the potential for long lines and sticky tables, the Unicorn Magic Dessert Bar is exactly what it set out to be: an over-the-top, gimmicky spot for a special treat. I definitely recommend giving it a try, and maybe bring your little sister or cousin, because it’s honestly every little girls sugar-fueled dream!

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