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Houston Spots to Watch an Astros Game

We’re always on the hunt for cool new spots to enjoy a baseball game. We’ve been Astros fans from childhood — that’s what you get when you grow up in Houston — but the city has been electric every season since we won the World Series (why does that not even feel real, STILL!). Anyways, here’s a roundup of some of our favorite places to catch a game.

The stadium

OK, I know, I’ll just get the obvious one out of the way. Watching a game at Minute Maid never gets old, from the train choo-chooing after each homerun and the rendition of “Deep in the Heart of Texas” that gets everyone up off their feet, it’s truly iconic. Plus with the addition of Shake Shack and Torchy’s, food has come a long way in the stadium! Oh, and you can’t miss dollar dog night every Tuesday.

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This fun bar named for Astro Craig Biggio is just down the street from the stadium and is the top recommendation for an away game (or a home game you didn’t score tickets for). For games, the bar will have specials and fun activities. Friday’s opening home game party will have live bands, DJs, giveaways, photo opportunities, a batting cage, $3 drink specials, $3 hot dogs and special guests, pop-up bars, a pop up $6 pizza stand and drink samplings. Check out their game day lineups here.

8th Wonder Brewery

East Downtown

Again adjacent to the action is this iconic Houston brewery. Sit in a former Astrodome chair and drink a Dome Faux’m, and it’s *almost* like you’re watching the ‘Stros play in the ’90s. You can usually snag a special on drinks, too.

Pitch 25

East Downtown

Yeah so this is technically a soccer spot  — they have a field in the bar! But it’s a great all-weather option (it’s huge inside!). Plus, pitch is a baseball term too! So, it works. They also have one of the Astros 2019 postseason murals RIGHT outside!! Click for more info on that.

Truck Yard

East Downtown

Hold on, because yes, this concept originated in Dallas — WAIT… wait! They have an store in the bar called Running Game Clothing that has allll sorts of fun Houston sports team stuff! And you bet that they profit after post-game drunk impulse buys.. maybe even some from yours truly.

FM Kitchen

Washington Ave and Montrose

This one’s at least out of downtown, where gameday means lots of traffic and action. FM will usually have specials — $6 for a dog and a Crawford Bock! And, they have a mural outside in honor of the Astros. It’s pretty exciting to watch a game there, and definitely one of my personal go-tos.

Kirby Ice House

Upper Kirby

I love Kirby Ice House for post-work drinks — it’s like a sea of business suits and clacking heels during the workweek from 5 to 7 pm (and even later if happy hour was REALLY fun). But Kirby is a a great spot for sports going! Especially those ‘stros and especially for a day game, and well, if you decide to, you know, sneak out of work a tad early….. If your boss asks, I’ll tell them it was a meeting that *just* came up. 😉

Saint Arnold’s Beer Garden


There’s something special about watching the home team on a big screen directly adjacent to the Houston skyline. Seriously, so cool. I accidentally caught a game there, and next time, let me tell you, it’ll be intentional. 🙂


East Downtown (very close to the stadium)

Right, so in a way, Lucky’s is the place to go watch a home game if you don’t have tickets but still want to play in all the fun traffic. JK, but seriously. It’s an amazing spot especially for postseason games because they put up a screen and you watch outside! And SOOO many people show up. Amazing.

Social Beer Garden


Highly recommend grabbing a beer at Social Beer Garden in Midtown because its a fab patio with a fab beer list. It’s 21 and up after 9, but during the day it’s family friendly!

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