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What to Know Before You Go to NASA’s Galaxy Lights

The Space City is LIT, y’all! Space Center Houston’s Galaxy Lights presented by Reliant premiered in Houston last month and the lights are open nightly until January 5! Betcha never thought two of our favorite things — space and Christmas lights — could ever join forces, but WRONG.

I got to go out to the lights show and it’s TRULY something special. Everywhere you look is fab and, in some cases, an incredible feat of engineering, much like space travel itself. (This post is sponsored by Space Center Houston, but all opinions are my own!)

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Anyways, here are ALL the photos and what you need to know before you go:

  • The show is open nightly from 6 to 10 pm.
  • The lights are divided into three different parts:
    • Inside Space Center: There’s a lights show every 15 minutes. It’s fun christmas music synced with lights on the ceiling. You gotta catch it at least once.
    • Take a tram to Rocket Park: Rocket Park is a pretty cool attraction sans lights, so it’s extra special now. My favorite lights are outside, and then inside is the restored Saturn V in all its glory. Little movies and light displays are projected ONTO the spacecraft.
    • Independence Plaza (outside Space Center): The tram takes you back to Space Center, by way of Independence Plaza (where the shuttle is mounted on a plane!) It’s an iconic shot and there are more fun interactive lights here!
  • There are bars and food options — there’s a full bar inside and beer outside. For some reason we had to buy tickets before getting in line for drinks INSIDE but then OUTSIDE they took cash. There’s also food outside in the plaza — pretty decent options, too! Smores, kettle corn, oh my!
  • Tickets are $20, but you do have to pay for parking, too! Keep that in mind.
  • You do end up walking around quite a bit (so wear comfy shoes!) and you get to walk THROUGH the lights in the grass area, so keep that in mind too.
  • Parts of the experience are on active government land — so there are some weird rules. No alcohol is allowed in Rocket Park or on the tram.

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