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5 Go-To Houston Sushi Spots to Get To-Go

Normally, I wouldn’t recommend taking raw fish to go, but desperate times (ahem, COVID-19) call for tasty to-go measures.

Here are 5 options for sushi to-go in Houston!

Note: I know we are supposed to be hunkering down and of course I recommend doing just that, but consider ordering curbside pick-up or delivery directly from the Houston restaurant. That way, the aren’t having to cut in the delivery app and driver. Just a thought!


I’m super into the hand roll trend — think: sushi burrito. My fave spots is actually just down the street from my house (am so lucky). I adore Hando’s toro, scallop, and crab rolls — get ’em cut or not! Also HIGHLY recommend getting a sake juice box (yes, this is real, and really good.)

Sushi King

Happy hour anyone? Yeah, Sushi King recognizes that we need happy hour now more than ever. Praise be.


A classic! Terribly sad that we can’t enjoy social hour in the same way, but you can make a “curbside reservation” at Uchi. Pick from the full menu available for drive thru daily — they turned their valet line into to-go! A little birdie told me you get a gift card with a takeout order, which just sounds like we need to be going to Uchi more than once. PRO TIP: Wine, sake, and beer is 25% off!

Roka Akor

Roka Akor is making it so that you can drink and do good! Any sake or wine purchase sends $20 to its employee relief fund. Call in your order daily from 4 to 9 pm (except Mondays) and they’ll bring it out to your car.


Can we talk about food halls for a second? They’ve been hit in a weird way — so much of the food hall is about the experience. Bravery Chef Hall has created a virtual work around for the time being with an online order page, which includes the very yummy Kokoro.

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