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5 Must-Try Cocktail Kits From Local Bars

A while back, I told you what sort of meal kits to try from local restaurants during this weird, weird COVID-19 shutdown. Well, I’m back. And we’re talking BOOZE.

Here are five must-try cocktail kits — one for every alcohol! PS: Remember, per state law, you do need to order a food item along with your alcohol.

Gin: Traveler’s Table’s Foreign Correspondents

Traveler’s Table has a lot of fun specials going on — $20 bottles of rosé, $25 board and bottle of wine, free bread pudding with purchase of 2 entrees! But the best part is they have four options for cocktail kits! I love their Foreign Correspondent, which is like an upgraded gin and tonic. It’s $36 and supposedly serves four… but it was more like three drinks for me. With every purchase over $50, you get a $10 gift card on your next order! I recommend the pad thai if you’re looking for an entree idea… Order online!

Bourbon/Rye: Coltivare’s Old Fashioneds

Agricole Hospitality is doing a lot to keep their bars and restaurants up and running, and I’m super impressed with my COVID-19 experiences with them. (I may or may not drive thru Eight Row Flint every other day.) But Coltivare, which has a huge to-go menu they regularly update, also has two drink kits! One is their Old Fashioned ($40 for 4 drinks). They also have a Gin and Tonic ($50 for 5 drinks)! Call to order ahead.

Tequila: Pico’s Margaritas

Frankly, I’m overwhelmed by Pico’s online ordering menu. It’s HUGE. And they have fun specials like paella (!!) and mexi-cajun crawfish (!!!!). They have SIX different margarita packs for $99 and they make eight drinks. It’s not a bad deal, but if you’re looking for a smaller commitment, their skinny margs come 1 per person and are $10. The mix is a little caprisun, and you get a tiny tequila to add in.

Vodka: Eighteen36’s Strawberry Gimlet

Love this new bar — and wish I could go visit and spend some time on that patio! But, alas, I’ll settle for a gimlet on my couch. The Strawberry Gimlet package comes with a 375 ml Tito’s Vodka and the gimlet mix (strawberry, lime juice, simple syrup). It’s $30, and you can order online.

Wine and Bubbles: Backstreet Cafe’s Sangria and Mimosa Kits

I mean there’s not much to assembling mimosas, but these options at Backstreet are totally calling my name. Plus, they are hella affordable. It’s $22 for the sangria and $15 for the mimosa. You do have to make a minimum purchase of $15 on food. Order online — they have delivery options.

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