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The Flower Vault Returns to Houston — Here’s What To Know Before You Go

The Flower Vault has made its epic return to Houston and it’s something you didn’t even know you needed!

Walls and walls of colorful flowers after a year of contentious campaigning, a problematic (to say the least) pandemic, and political unrest? Yes. I’d like something simple to enjoy and take photos in.

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Know before you go:

  • Dates and hours: The Flower Vault is open every weekend (Fri-Sun) thru May! Friday is noon-7pm, Saturday is 10am-7pm, and Sunday is noon-6pm.
  • Location: The new popup is located inside the brand new MKT! Address is: 600 N Shepherd Drive, Ste. 184. Note: This is a new mixed-use area and its still kinda deserted and under construction. Thankfully, the Flower Vault is right off Shepherd near the other stores.
  • Parking: Plenty, right outside!
  • Tickets: $20 for an adult, kids under 10 are free, and pets can come for $10 each! ($30 fee for accidents and animal-caused damage). Each ticket gets you 30 minutes.
  • Walk-ins? Yes, if not sold out!
  • COVID precautions: Limited tickets (only 10 people at a time), masked required for entry and when in the installment when sharing space with people of other parties, and more cleaning. BTW: You’re not really touching things, and it isn’t too crowded!
  • Bathroom/changing area: Yes.
  • Props? No outside lighting equipment unless prior approval or if you’re renting the whole space. Tripods are allowed, as are smaller props. Any balloon arrangements need to be approved before.
  • Rooms/sections: All one space with 7 walls/experiences.
  • Lighting: Highly recommend going before 5 pm when the sun starts to set. There are a few flower walls near the front where you get amazing light from outside! Otherwise, there’s ok studio light from above (so some shadows).
  • Colors to wear: White or black to stay neutral, or, to blend in or match with a wall: Baby blue, taupe, lavender, bright orange, light pink, magenta, yellow.

My thoughts and experience

Whew, so I had a solid experience! Getting the tickets online was easy peasy (and thanks so much, Flower Vault, for providing free tickets for us!) I didn’t realize with the time change that my 5:30 ticket would be less than idea with the natural lighting nearly gone, but I still wish I had gone earlier — hence my note to go before 5!

Honestly, 30 minutes seems kinda short, but it’s a pretty small space. Even with navigating around the other people (there were five others in with us), we had no problem hitting each set up. I did feel a little rushed, but I think that’s just me. I also felt pretty safe and always had my own space

Value? I think $20 is an OK price. You know what’s even better? $16! Don’t forget to use code “ITSNOTHOUITSME” at checkout!

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