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10 Must-See Murals in the Houston Heights

God, I love the Heights. No denying it! I’m a lifelong Houstonian and the first time I felt truly at home (other than the House in the suburbs) was when I moved into a tiny townhouse of the bike trail in the heart of the Heights.

So, I’ve somewhat dragged my feet on this post because I truly want it to be the best it can be! This is a part of the mural guide series I started earlier this month, so there’s more to come! and I might even expand this too! (are we ever sick of murals? no.)

Greetings from Houston — 3602 White Oak Dr.

This one is my GO-TO! Is it because I can walk to it? Maybe… but it’s also because it’s such a great postcard vibe and all the different letters incorporate different parts of Houston. Go to this one when you first move to town, for sure!

#ILoveYouWall by Shelbi Nicole — 330 W 19th St.

We love us some Shelbi Nicole over here at It’s Not Hou! This gal has the cutest style and I’m so glad to see all her successful works that have spanned outside of Houston now! But we cannot forget her OG big mural. This one is another one perfect for a romantic shot. Go early in the day so you can miss all the cars parked around!

Houston Heights Mural — 15th Street and Yale Street

Nicky Davis created this quirky cute mural SPECIFICALLY for welcoming you (yes you!) to the Heights. And actually, I’m getting a bit of a Halloween vibe from this one.

I Am Love — 540 W 19th St

Another HUGE one — and another one you gotta get lucky on regarding cars parked around. Oh, and another romantic one! This one is pretty much in the Heights mural cannon, so don’t miss it!

Extravagantly Loved — 1035 E 11th St.

I’ve just discovered this one and it’s GORGEOUS! And there are three parts to it — we’ve got the gorgeous sun, merging into the clouds, then there’s the heart, and finally there’s the earth which is so fun. Go here for your Earth Day vibes.

Para Mi Gente — Yale and 13th St. 

This is a solid, old reliable wall — it’s on the side of an empty building so you shouldn’t have to worry about cars parked over there or anyone crashing your photo sesh! Ignacio Sanchez painted this one — he’s on insta @elnacho1105.

Just Keep Growing — 642 Yale St.

Who’s got little ones that keep growing?? This one is for you! Actually, us adults tend to keep growing. I just LOVEEEEE the flowers (and the store its a part of — I see you Favor the Kind!)

Here is Right Where You’re Meant to Be — 3607 White Oak Dr

Speaking of murals associated with stores — tre’ sorelle has the cutest pink mural that has this amazing Texas and an incredible message that to me I feel is a reminder to take a second and check in with yourself.

Houston Fence — 718 W 18th St.

I love this one so much, but it’s a bit different! First of all, it’s a fence. Second of all, it’s in a weird parking area with gravel. Third of all, it’s amazing. I like the hands and the HOU part, but it extends to spell out the fill Houston!

Astros Star – 321 W 19th St 

Throwing in the Astros Star mural on 19th Street because it’s my all-time fave. Love the rustic vibe and, of course, love my Astros!

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