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Where to Find Yummy Mocktails in Houston During Dry January

Not gonna lie, but this year’s Dry January isn’t so bad so far! If you’re doing your part to partake in lowering the COVID-19 cases in Houston by staying home as much as possible, than you’ve limited the social pressure on you for being in a bar without the ability to order your favorite cocktail.

But I get it. If you want to support a local spot and chill on the patio with a yummy drink that you can pretend is alcoholic — I got you. Here are three places that have a solid zero-proof drink list and an amazing patio.

FM Kitchen

FM Kitchen & Bar has a huge patio and a brand new menu of zero-proof mocktails that are made with Seedlip — a cool distilled brand that makes booze-like drinks. Right now, there are these two — LTD (Living The Dream), a travel-inspired cocktail featuring Seedlip Grove 42, Seedlip Spice 94, pineapple gomme, lime, watermelon, salt, and Bachata Barbara, a tiki-inspired cocktail featuring Seedlip Grove 42, aromatic passion fruit, lemon, ginger beer.

Eight Row Flint

It’s no secret that Eight Row Flint is one of my fave bars, and their “sessionables” (low-proof alcohol drinks you can drink alllll day long) are a good call for me some days, but I also like that they have some agua frescas you can sip on when you happy hour or brunch on the patio this month. They have three — pineapple, cucumber, and watermelon.

Wooster’s Garden

With such a big cocktail menu, you know Wooster’s can do ya right for a mocktail. They have five options — each yummier sounding than the last — and they are al $5 or $6 a piece. There’s the Rubus Cube with a berry habenero kick, Pastel Sunday that looks like a tropical beach vacay in a glass, and more.

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  1. LOVE this article!! I’ve been dying to find bars with a mocktail menu and I can’t wait to try these out. Also, 8th Wonder Brewery has Kombucha on tap, for anyone looking for a alcohol free option!

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