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How to Make the Most of Your ClassPass Credit in Houston

Great news! ClassPass has brought back its 1-month free promotion for new users — WOOHOO! Let’s talk about finding deals on the app to make that free trial really worth it!

For those of you unfamiliar, ClassPass always has two weeks free when you sign up. But occasionally they bring back a FULL MONTH (15 credits). Click here to try it out! (ClassPass Partner Link). Here are five ways you can make the most out of those credits!

Pro tip: Book on off hours to get even cheaper classes!

1. Book a class at Crew Fitness

Classes start at 4 credits at Crew Fitness — and let me tell you it’s a steal since the low-impact rowing and strength class will make you sweat AND sore the next day. Cardio — check. Weights? Done.

2. Find your Zen with Black Swan Yoga


A sweaty *warm* yoga session with Black Swan Yoga at one of their locations across town will only run you 3-4 credits depending on when and where you book. Bring your own mat AND towel — you’ll need it!

3. Keep it tight with a Bar Method workout

Bar Method is the most deceptive butt-kicking workout because you’re like “oo this looks fun — carpet and ballet barres all while wearing sockies?” then 10 minutes in you’re like “what why am I sweating so hard?!” Anyways, it’s only 5 credits to get this workout in Montrose!

4. Find an open gym near you

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Open gym or gym time options are pretty cool for a few reasons. For one, there are these gyms everywhere — in every suburb and neighborhood, it seems. Also, it’s REALLY cheap to book gym time — like 1-4 credits. Keep this in mind when you have dwindling CP credits. Here are a few central Houston options.

5. Score a basic manicure

Beauty services can really add up on ClassPass so a fancy shellac mani or a spa-level pedi will wipe out your credits. But a basic manicure can be as cheap as 7 credits — here are some options!

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