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Everything I Would Rather Be Doing Than Packing

Sooooo I may not be getting on a plane in less than 24 hours. For a 9 day trip. To Ireland. I haven’t started packing. I don’t know what the weather is like there. I don’t even know if I have a suitcase. I certainly don’t have the mental capacity to pull things out of drawers and plan what I want to wear for the next week.

cat packing

There are many things that I would like to be doing right now. Absolutely none of them include packing:

Wait in line at the DMV

Watch a documenatry on the makings of Spam

Do my taxes

Babysit the cast of Toddlers and Tiaras

packing toddler

Get stuck in an elevator with a sweaty high school football team

Run a marathon

Read the dictionary…out loud…in the quiet section of the library…with a microphone

Bathe a cat

packing cat

Sit in traffic

Chew tin foil

Do 50,000 sit-ups

Listen to Nickleback on repeat

packing nickleback

Go to the dentist

Watch a Netflix video that won’t stop buffering

Reorganize a Forever 21 store

Apply to med school

packing jenn

Peel 3000 potatoes…with a spork

Meet up with an ex and his new gf

Go to NYFW wearing crocs

Join the Mathletes

packing mathletes

JK math is cool. I’d roll with Kevin G. any day. But probably not if it requires packing….

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