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Brunch Klub takes Zelko Bistro

The week brings the weekend.

The weekend brings Sunday.

And Sunday brings brunch.

This week’s brunch brought us to Zelko Bistro in the Heights. It’s an adorable little place rocking that modern-rustic decor–think clean white walls with wood paneling ceiling and black and white photographs lining the walls. We loved the fresh rosemary placed in vases as the centerpiece of each table. Zelko also has a super cute patio that was covered and heated now for the winter, but I’m sure would be great place to hang out in the summer.

Here is a summary of the Hots and Nots of our experience.

Hot: The place wasn’t too crowded at 11am so we were seated immediately. Despite being a fairly small place, it wasn’t too loud and there was no need to use our outdoor voices to be heard over the typical mayhem that ensues at a popular brunch spot.

Hot: When we arrived we were starving. And I guess they read our minds because before we even got menus they brought us bread to snack on. And lawdybe, it was phenomenal. It was bite-size squares of  french bread sprinkled with fresh rosemary and parsley and doused with a generous portion of olive oil. DELISH. Definitely going to put that recipe in my back pocket and reuse it at a later time.

Zelko Bistro, Brunch, Chicken and Waffles, Rosemary Bread,  Mimosas, Brunch, Houston Brunch

Hot: Sexy accent of our server, Dominic. Nuff said.

Hot: Blood Orange Mimosas made with rosé. Highly recommended.

zelko bistro, mimosas, blood orange mimosas, brunch

Hot: Seconds on the rosemary bread.

Not: Zelko wasn’t the best at taking custom orders. I ordered the Egg Samich without the bacon, and what did it come with? Bacon. Also, my friend ordered a side of eggs, which they forgot until she reminded them.

Not: Zelko’s menu is not particularly vegetarian friendly. There was bacon in basically everything. Which fine if you eat meat I guess, but it was even in the breakfast potatoes. I mean come on! At least leave vegetarians the sides to eat!

Hot: After the bacon Samich incident, luckily Dominic had the common-sense to switch out the bacon breakfast potatoes with shoe string fries. Good call Dominic because those fries–topped with fresh parsley and shredded parm–were BOMB.

zelko bistro 2

Hot: Asparagus as a side. Nice touch Zelko. Nice, savory touch.

Eh: The French Toast was made with some fancy smanchy brioche bread (hot), but it wasn’t as sweet as we would have liked (not).

Brunch, Zelko Bistro, French Toast Brioche, Houston Heights, Brunch Club Houston

Eh: The Chicken and Waffles was decent. Not as good as Breakfast Klub (we set the bar high) and the breading was a little sweet. But if that’s your thang, go for it. You won’t be disappointed.

Not: They didn’t split the bill. Come oonnnnnn mannn! Duh we want separate checks. DUH. We all got different meals with different drinks and special orders, and didn’t share anything, and there is FOUR OF us. Who wants to pick up a $100+ tab. No one. DUH we want to pay separately. You’re gonna have to split the check eventually. Why don’t you just do it now. Effing duh.

In Summary: The rosemary bread and oil and the Blood Orange Mimosas were pretty much the highlight of the meal (and Dominic’s accent). Nothing on the menu stood out as spectacularly unique or revolutionary in terms of brunch items. But if you’re a bacon lover and enjoy trying new places, Zelko could be a place for you.

Zelko Bistro, 705 E. 11th Street

Zelko Bistro on Urbanspoon

Have you been to Zelko Bistro? Did you fall in love with Dominic’s sexy accent? Or was the bacon-laden breakfast potatoes your jam? Sad you missed out on this week’s Brunch Klub adventure? Let us know what you think!


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