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Brunch Klub: 10 Things to Know about Weights and Measures

Brunch at Weight and Measures Houston Texas MidtownSo the world continues to tell me things that I already know. Houston is a bomb food city for everything from burgers to wine to–my personal favorite–brunch. Travel and Leisure Magazine published an article in their March issue celebrating America’s best cities for food snobs (ahem, I prefer foodie, thanks) and placed Houston at the top. So does that mean we’re blogging about the best brunches in the entire country here? I think it’s pretty safe to say so.

This week’s Brunch Klub adventure took us to Weights and Measures in Midtown. Here’s 10 things to know before you go.

  1. Parking can be sketch. As all cool hip places tend to be, Weight and Measures is located in one of those up-and-coming neighborhoods in a 1950s warehouse–which means the neighbors are also of the warehouse/run down apartment complex variety, and you may pass some homeless people on your walk in.
  2. Make a reservation or be prepared to wait. Showing up at our usual time (a “soft” 11am arrival), the place is packed with yuppies, attractive families, and ballerinas (I kid you not–they share a building with the Houston Ballet Studio)  and and we get slated to wait for an hour plus. We throw our name on the list and they have a nifty system where they will text you if your table is ready. And honestly looking at their website, I think they know they are hot ish because they recommend a few places nearby to hang out in while you wait for your table, including Love & Squalor, Due Fratellini,  13 Celsius and Mongoose versus Cobra.
  3. The outside patio is bomb–even in the rain. We’re feeling hungry/impatient and we decide to yolo it and sit outside on the patio–which would be awesome except for the fact that day we went it happened to be like 48 degrees and raining. Kewl.
  4. Brunch is everything you’ve hoped for. Despite the wait and the odd choice of seating on our part, Weight and Measures killed it in the brunch department. Maybe we were still drunk from the night before and couldn’t feel the cold outside or something, but all eight people in our group left the meal super impressed. Check out the menu here.
  5. Lots of things are served on toast. Avocado on toast, fried eggs on toast, mushrooms and brei on toast, nutella on toast, salmon on toast. I could keep going…
  6. The strawberry preserve jam has been known to change lives. The baked ciabatta french toast comes with a strawberry syrup that may or may not work miracles. You’ll have to try it to believe it.
  7. The specials can be expensive. I ordered the special of the day which was a puff pastry filled with spinach and onions, topped with roasted pine nuts and a poached egg served with marinara sauce. I don’t regret it for a moment, but the plate cost me $18. Uh, wut. A headsup would be a bit nice given that the rest of the entrees were a more standard $9-14 range.
  8. Omelettes are kind of a big deal. On their Facebook page, there seems to be an omelette of the day, e’rryday. At brunch a friend got the omelette of the day which was filled with swiss, asparagus, and cherry tomatoes. It was a special of the day with a totally normal price…so like go figure…
  9. Weight and Measures has a bakery! Or a, ahem, “bake shop” if you will. Took home a nice fresh loaf of ciabatta bread. Yum.
  10. Brunch is an all day affair. You can  get the brunch menu Saturdays and Sundays until 4pm!!! Beautiful. Also the bakery opens at 6am and the bar closes at 2am. You could basically live there if you wanted to.

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