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11 Gifs That ABSOLUTELY Depict What a BootCamp Class is Like

Full disclosure: this post took 12 times as long as it could have because each key stroke took alotta time and effort…soooo…sore. And here’s why.

I did a dumb thing.

I took a class called “BootCamp” and now my muscles hate me. Because all the words hurt to make… I’m gonna give you some gifs to describe them. Here’s how it went down.

So, I’ve walked past the class before and I’ve seen how miserable it looks.


But, alas. I subjected myself to it anyways.


I walked into that gym (and down the three flights of stairs from the garage) with confidence.


I set up my yoga mat and watched as an ex (current???) basketball/football player/greek god carried two suitcases full of supplies with jump ropes and felt (?).


He told us things to get and weights to use (I did half of the weight he recommended)


We did jump roping to warm up (I hadn’t done this since I was five and I hit myself in the face many times).


Then homeboy described the workout. My jaw dropped.


We proceeded to do 5 reps of 6 workouts. Then the next rep was 6, then two 7s, then two 8s, then 9, then 10.


Somewhere around the 8s, I started slipping around in my sweat.


Then we did abs bc like that wasn’t enough.


Then I crawled up the stairs, almost crying.


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