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Here’s What Happens When “Summer” Starts

God bless Texas. We’re a state that has the fastest highway (85 mph, or as we call it: what we drive anyways). We have the world’s best rodeo—still needs to be fact checked, but we all know it’s true.

But alas, we have hot-as-hell summers. Dear July, you may die. But as bad as the summer can get, it’s all worth it because we get twoish months of PERFECTION—I’m looking at you April and May.

When it nears this time of 85-degree-pool days, Houston experiences a paradigm shift. The temperature rises 10 degrees and we shed our boots and scarfs and exchange them for a two-piece. We then flock to the outdoors—picnics, pool parties, gardening galore.

Well, this weekend was the shift, so obviously your girl spent it poolside. I clicked through the snaps of my fellow sun worshippers and garden party gals and took note of how the rest of Htown made the transition. Here are some things that happen when this season changes—maybe you noticed them… or you might now.

 Target’s bathing suit section turns into a war zone.


Buckle up. Bring in reinforcements. And, possibly a Nerf gun.

Your entire apartment complex moves to the pool from Sat/Sun noon to 5 p.m.


This can be a good thing or bad. Good: DJ turns up, free swag, party all day (Darty). Bad: Children come bother you, creeps eye your sick bod, or Darties happen and you just want to read.

You could always be a little darker….


Um, well. Like, until that ^^^^^^^

Your coworkers come in on Monday hungover AND burnt…


…instead of just the former. You’re either right there in solidarity or jealous of their fun in the sun.

If you have a pool, your friends are fighting over being YOUR pool buddy.


Like, can we just all go to the pool together? No? Seems illogical.

Budlight starts seeming like an “ehh, ok” pool beer.


It’s hot; Budlight is cold. OK, I’ll drink it. Plus, it’s basically water and you need to stay hydrated.

You abandon everything for weekend trips.



Yeaaahhh, buddy. See you at the pool.


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