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A Few of Our Favorite Things: May

Ah summer is here. And while you waste away in your over air-conditioned office, counting down the minutes until the clock hits 5 pm (or well at least until the boss leaves) so you can whisk yourself away to happy hours, poolside grilling and laying out, here’s some things to day dream about and distract you with.

Kate Spade Rare Birds of Summer: So freaking stinking super obsessed with all things flamingo in the latest Kate Spade collection.  Although I was like totally obsessed with flamingos way before this, Kate Spade is just enabling me to Like I might actually get an iPhone 6 just so I can get the flamingo phone case.


Coconut Oil: It’s the miracle cure for everything. But like actually. It boosts your health, improves your skin, and is a phenomenal all-natural alternative to the toxins and chemicals people typical put on (and in!) their bodies. Use it instead of sunscreen (it has a natural 4 SPF). Use it for lotion, hair conditioner, make up remover, deodorant–in addition to cooking with it. Here are 101 uses you can also check out! I recommend the organic coconut oil found at HEB.



#PartyHardMoms: Hefty totally kills it with this ad campaign.  (Ad campaign on fleek) These moms go out, get turnt, and are totally get modern lingo. These vids are totally hilar. I watched them probs 2340923 times and was literally dying. RIP me.

Hefty Party Hard Moms

Walk the Moon @ ACL: Just bought my tickets. Eek! The fan girl in me is so excited. Can’t wait to shut up and dance.


Bing Rewards: Sorry not sorry for posting about this a second time. But I just got another $5 gift card to Amazon (probably the 10th one I’ve gotten since I’ve started) so like yeah, I’m a little bit obsessed. Basically Bing is desperate and will pay you for every 500 searches or so with gift cards aka every 3 weeks you get a gift card just for Googling Binging. It really, literally pays off. The day to convert has come. And that day is now. Sign up now . Also the Bing homepages are incredible.

Bing Rewards

Yoga @ Discovery Green: Classes are outside in the middle of a beautiful Houston green space. You’ll stretch, you’ll strengthen, and given that the classes are “core focused yoga” you’ll find your center in more way than one. Plus you’ll relax. Meditation is rising to the forefront of modern medicine as a way to combat stress, redefine success and cultivate greater happiness. Your mind can be strengthened just like any other muscle in the body. So you’ll def find me on the lawn stretching out at Discovery Green. Yoga classes are on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Bonus they’re free.

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