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A Tale of Two Brunches: East Coast Vs. West Coast

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Missing brunch due to traveling is the worst of times.

When there are Sundays there are brunches. And in observance of one of the most holy of rituals of the weekend, so you betcha bottom we’ll find a way to brunch in solidarity even when we’re thousands of miles apart. With Natalie in NYC for a wedding, and Anastasia in Seattle for a reunion with college roomies, we swore the #BrunchKlub adventures would continue. Thus, the Battle of the Brunches begins. Natalie traveled underground around NYC to land in Brooklyn (down the street where Girls on HBO films) and Anastasia climbed an effing mountain basically. JUST. TO. BRUNCH.

So who found the find? Who bested the bites? Who sipped the superb? Comment and tell us which coast cruised into brunchery victory!

East Coast

Harefield RoadNew York City, NY

The Location:East Williamsburg (the hipsterest of the hipsters)

The Motivation: Only a few blocks away after two days of walking all over NYC on more than questionable pavement. PLUS. $13 cash will get you two magnets in Manhattan, OR coffee, tea, a mimosa or a Bloody Mary, and a dish of your choosing from Harefield. #Sold.

The Vibe: If you don’t have dark rimmed glasses, then GTFO… but sure have a cup of free coffee. It was a gorgeous day and the bar-turned-brunchery was perfect.

The Drinks: The sitch is you only get one with the $13 deal, but it’s delish! Pretty standard, but worth it.

The Food: If you don’t get the chicken sandwich (TG I was warned), you’re golden. Best bets are the chorizo burrito, huevos rancheros or the Eggs Benedict.
The Verdict: Everyone who has heard of it who I talked to said it’s their favorite brunch place. So cheap. And in NYC, that’s all you need.

West Coast

juiceboxSeattle, WA

The Juicebox, seattle washington capital hill

The Location: Capitol Hill (aka Cap Hill), Seattle, Washington–a neighborhood filled with bars, restaurants, hills, and hipsters. Somewhat of a cross between Midtown and Montrose in Houston.

The Motivation: Detoxing from a 12-hour day drink marathon/roomie reunion culminating at a surreal carnival bar and fueling up for a 8-mile hike up the Snow Lake Trail

The Vibe: Chill, clean, hipster, fresh, hectic, surprising a restaurant–not a just a juice bar. Quite pleased about the quick service and outdoor seating. Kind of annoying hours tho–who closes at 4pm?

The Drinks: Obvi had to get something with kale bc detoxing from copious amounts of Unicorn Jizz (don’t ask) so I ordered the Spicy Kale juice (kale, apple, lemon, ginger, cayenne) and lawwwd could you feel the cayenne. Officially cleansed and ready to take on the day. Other niffy juices included ingredients like beets, turmeric root, celery and even fennel.

The Food: Game time decision landed me with the Vegetable Sandwich. Plot twist turned out to be a wrap. BUT it was wildly vegetarian friendly and filling and full of unique ingredients like radishes, lentils, roasted cauliflower, and even black currants! Other menu items tasted were the Potato Spinach Sandwich (also a wrap–with eggs!) and the Coconut Milk Yogurt Parfait bc cow milk is soooo last season.
The Verdict: Not so much a “brunch” place bc likeeee no juices spiked with alcohol. But it’s an adorable cafe that makes you feel healthier just by walking by.

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