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A Bachelorette… I Mean Republican Presidential Debate Drinking Game

So, we were all ready to give you some sassy political insight to this Wednesday’s republican debate by way of a spot-on drinking game. We were ready to make cultural references and Donald Trump hair jokes, etc. And then, while logging in to our website, we came across something peculiar… an almost finished drinking game for The Bachelor or Bachelorette. After perusing the list, chuckling, and drinking a little, we found that to be honest, the game also worked for the debate. Like, it worked really well. In fact, we should all be a little scared for our country considering HOW WELL this Bachelorette drinking game works for a moderated debate in which grown men and women barter and banter for the presidency.


How does this game work? So glad you asked. Here are the rules for the most dramatic Bachelorette Republican Debate in US history:

Drink every time something super sexist happens.

Drink every time someone questions the other’s intentions or reasons for being there.

Drink every time someone says something that just can’t be entirely true.

Drink every time someone drops the “L” word. (Love, Liberals, Loser).

Drink every time describes this as a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Drink every time someone is being a little over dramatic.

Drink every time someone references something dark or sad in their past.

Drink every time someone says “WHO IS SHE/HE?!”

Drink every time someone has a fake job.

Drink every time someone throws major shade.

Drink every time the host guy awkwardly cuts in or reminds them of the remaining time/roses.

Drink every time someone brings up a subject no one wants to talk about.

Drink every time someone is rolling their eyes so hard.

Drink every time someone says something sassy af on Twitter.

You’re welcome ‘murica. 

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