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How to Throw a “Pinterest Worthy” Game Day Party

To create something deemed “Pinterest worthy,” attention to detail is very important. As is presentation. To be fair. I could definitely improve in both those areas. According to Myers-Briggs and all those personality tests, I’ve got an ENTJ personality. Which basically means I’m the one in charge. I like the delegate. I’ve got the big picture in mind. And someday I’ll be your CEO. Well, that’s the 5, 10, 20 year plan anyways…. I’m all about the big picture and outlining those high level milestones for success and then letting someone else work out the details of how to get there. So when approached to have a “Pinterest Worthy Game Day Party,” I was quite please that Zoes Kitchen was more than happy to figure out all the details for me.

Here’s how to take your party planning skills and game day fervor to the next level.

Step 1. Order a Zoes Kitchen Game Day Party Pack. This is your key to taking your game watch from here [imagine my hand down low] to here [imagine my hand significantly higher.] They retail at about $200, which includes food for about 10 people, decorations, and “pinterest worthy” assembly instructions.

Step 2. Place an order for your food. I did this about 48 hours in advance of my party. For the Game Day Party Pack you get an assortment of chicken and steak kabobs (I subbed in some veggie kabobs, chicken and steak roll-ups (I subbed in spinach roll-ups), grilled potato salad, marinated slaw, hummus and pimento cheese, and pita bread.

Step 3. Decorate and assemble your food. Thanks to TomKat Studio, your Game Day Party Pack comes with all sorts of adorable decorations from “Go Team” flags, serving bowls, wooden serving spoons (plastic is, like, soooooo last year), colorful straws, pom-poms, and sports-themed labels for your food!

Step 4. Go above and beyond. Zoes Kitchen provides you lovely catalog with tips and tricks on how to “rally the team around the table” and “keep your guests happy and you stress free.” One of their tips is to decorate your table with sports trophies! So dang clever.

Step 5. Provide libations. Obvi, if you’re about to watch sportsball (in our case, the Texans) you’re def going to want to have plenty of booze on hand. Conveniently, the giant metal tin that the party pack came in serves as a delightful cooler for champagne (haaallloo mimosas!) and beer. This extra step will ensure that guests will not notice/be bothered if you forgot anything critical (eek!) and also ease the blow when your team fails to score during an entire half…


All in all this, was a very easy way to throw a game watch party and get some bombass pics for the insta. High fives all around.

How to Win at Mimosas

Even when your team is down, and I mean way down, you can still bring the mimosa game. No Sunday brunch game watch is complete without some serious libation and we enjoyed these Watermelon Pineapple Mimosas all afternoon.


  • Muddled watermelon
  • Pineapple orange juice
  • Champagne
  • Orange wedge

Combine a spoonful of crushed watermelon, two parts champagne, one part pineapple orange juice in a champagne glass. Garnish with orange wedge and decorative straw. Note: Juice quantity can be adjusted (i.e., removed) accordingly to address a dismal game score.

Take one for the team. And win at mimosas. Go sportsball.


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