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A Few of Our Favorite Things: January

How’s the new year’s resolutions going, huh? We’re entering the second month of 2016, which was like Narnia to you as a kid. Seriously, where does the time go?! Well, our resolutions involved mind and body, but we also care for our tastes buds. Some to-dos for you might be some of our favorites.

Ben Higgins. First and foremost, we are all about that Bachelor right now. We wrote the rulebook on making a fantasy team for The Bachelor, gave you a gif-tastic recap, played Mad Libs and gave you another reason to drink, not that you needed one.

Rainbow Rowell. Aka my new favorite author. I listened to Fangirl on Audible, and I’m pretty sure I almost wrecked my car a few times, being so enthralled.

Trying new restaurants. Spoiler: we eat a lot. Your next must-dines are at Izakaya for fries, Bernadine’s for po’boys, and The Barking Pig for brunch.

Adult coloring. I joined the bandwagon. Honestly, I can’t do it that much—too boring—but five minutes of coloring is pretty calming!

Hot coffee dates. Quick, you have a Bumble date but it’s at noon. Rather than sound like a lush and suggest drinks, these are some go-to spots. For dates, and otherwise.

Fitbits. Anastasia and I both now have Fitbits, so now we are THOSE girls trying to get their steps in.

Getting zen. New year, new opportunity to meditate. As someone who spent most of her life assuming meditation was sitting cross legged and chanting ohm, I surprise myself in saying this but… I like meditation. It’s quick and usually after a tough yoga class, so a little peace is much appreciated.

Making of a Murderer. Or Pretty Little Liars, whichever is less embarrassing. I’m watching both right now.

Kickin’ it in the Capitol. I went to D.C. and apparently that entails drinking liquor out of squirt bottles, museum hopping and mistaking the White House lawn for a quaint park. Ooops.

A bar that towers over all others. My to-hit list includes The Raven Tower. It’s a bar. In a tower. Next to a music venue. In the Heights. Come one hipster, come all.

Taking the bus. If you took the bus like once two years ago, it’s a whole new world nowadays. Maybe give the bus a ride?

Burlesque shows. OMG I went to Prohibition downtown. If you have a free night (and, like 100 bucks) you need to go!

Surprising pub crawls. Houston’s not walkable entirely, but there are some ‘hoods that are. And they make for perfect surprise birthday pub crawls.

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