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Why #NotHotYoga is Just the Greatest

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It is so refreshing to go to a really good yoga class. One where you mesh so well with the other students, the teacher gets you, the music is on point, and your body transitions from pose to pose flawlessly.

I’ve been doing yoga in Houston for a while, and because of where I lived I tended to gravitate to yoga classes that are hot. Not technically “hot yoga” where the room is actually heated to 100+ and it has the set sequence of postures (not a big fan of those), but the classes where the room IS heated and you sweat a TON and if you don’t bring a towel or invest in one of those nifty yoga sweat mats you’re screwed because you’re slipping and sliding and sweating all over yourself, your neighbor and your mat and even the simplest of downward dogs is a struggle because you can’t get a grip on your mat. PHEW.

Those classes are great. And they really push you physically, mentally and can be really meditative. See that one time I went to a BIG Power Yoga class. BUT since I was only going to those crazy sweat inducing classes, I forgot what a normal class felt and looked like!

Until I went to Joy Yoga Center.

Holy cow. Joy Yoga is everything I wanted and more. It’s the style of flow class that made me fall in love with yoga years ago. It’s not heated (other than naturally by body heat). All you need is a mat. No towel. No water bottle. No need to hydrate excessively during the day to not pass out. One of the studio’s slogans is even #NotHotYoga. I love it.

I’m currently trying out Joy Yoga with the “month of unlimited classes” to find which ones I like best. Each class I’ve attended has been unique with a different style and flow based on the teacher and time of day. Despite not being in a heated room, you still get a workout and you still leave the class energized and relaxed. I’d forgotten how marvelous it feels to leave class not dripping in sweat with smeared mascara. (Although one Power yoga class at Joy did make me wish I had brought my sweat towel!) Either way, I’ve been very pleased with the three weeks of classes that I’ve attended and hate to see my month pass end!

While I do have my favorite classes and teachers at the hot, hot studios, I can’t wait to see how the rest of my Joy Yoga classes turn out and how fulfilling and relaxing #NotHotYoga can be!

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