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The Bachelor: The WTA “WTF, Drunk” Drinking Game (Week 10)

giffer-4The most dramatic episode in Bachelor history would DEFINITELY be a Women Tell All episode NO DOUBT. And, lucky us, we get a WTA this Monday.

I say lucky because it means one thing: DRINKING GAME. This one is completely irrelevant, so let’s update it.

Drink every time someone talks over someone else

Drink every time the cameraman pans to an audience member with a funny face.
gifferChug during
the Olivia open mouth montage.

Drink every time Chris calls one of the girls down for a little talk.

Drink every time Ben says “like”

Is she happy? Or sad?

Is she happy? Or sad?

Drink every time someone cries, bc you gotta.

Drink every time Amanda mentions her kids.

Chug during the deleted scenes (or chug until you crack up).

Drink every time Lace slurs her words.

Drink every time some one rolls their eyes.

Chug duringย the preview for the finale.

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