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Mosaic Dermatology: 5 Easy, Last-Minute Gift Ideas


Heads up! This post is sponsored by
Mosaic Dermatology, but all opinions are my own!

Need a last-minute gift idea? Give the gift of amazing skin care!

Mosaic Dermatology is a Houston-based dermatologist with several locations across town. Aside from the next few weeks, the clinic is open on Saturdays and you can easily book appointments or treatments online.

Here are 5 gift ideas from Mosaic Dermatology for you — or, you know, yourself!

  1. Cleansing cream. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Isn’t giving face wash as a gift a little insulting?” And I’d say that’s a fair point. But, as someone who has always suffered from acne, I would have welcomed any new products to try. Plus, the cream is only $20, so it’s worth a shot!
  2. Botox. Mom? Grandma? Someone in your family would LOVE this treat. Again, might be a sensitive gift to someone who is in denial about their age and wrinkles, but it will be well received by many!
  3. Chemical peel. New year, new skin. Give your friend’s face a fresh start this year. A good chemical peel can do a girl wonders. It’s great for acne treatment and anti-aging.
  4. MiraDry. A treatment that can rid you of armpit sweat/stench? The future is now, y’all. This is definitely a whopper of a gift. Maybe you treat yourself to this one instead…
  5. A referral. Oh, hey! This one is free. Got any friends seeking a new dermatologist? Well, there ya go!

All holiday cheer aside, Mosaic Dermatology’s No. 1 goal is to keep your skin healthy! Get your skin checked ANNUALLY, y’all. Or you’ll be on the Naughty list for sure.

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