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Amorino: The Prettiest Gelato in Town

When you build a crazy upscale shopping center where even the movie theatre is a luxurious experience, you definitely need a gourmet gelato shop to satisfy the clientele (ice cream was sooo 2011). Amorino fits the bill in River Oaks District and overwhelming wins the title of prettiest frozen dessert in town.

Natalie and I spontaneously decided to pop on over to the Amorino shop after a dinner at Le Colonial in River Oaks District. We were celebrating #Natastasiafest, our annual Christmas/birthday get together that we’ve been doing since high school, and a decadent gelato crafted into a gorgeous floral arrangement was the perfect conclusion to our evening. Luckily, since we live in Houston, even December is a good time to eat gelato!

Amorino boasts a delightful selection of Italian gelato flavors and macarons. The gelato flavors are fantastic with classic choices like chocolate and dulce de leche, but also more bold ones like Sri Lanka coconut and like basil. If you’re the adventurous type and have an insatiable sweet tooth, you can select the “Macarose” which is a large ice cream cone topped with a macaron. The menu also offers a selection of coffees, crepes and this delectable looking hot chocolate that I could have sworn was just a melted chocolate bar it looked that rich!

Natalie and I both went with the small cone order and choose three flavors each. Natalie choose raspberry, tiramisu and chocolate. Wanting to create the most colorful concoction possible, I went with mango, Sicilian citrus, and raspberry. To make each cone the Amorino staff used a spatula to shape a small bit of gelato into a petal one scoop a time. It took a while with all the different flavors but it was amusing to watch and the end product was beautifully picture perfect! If it wasn’t melting in the hot December heat (lol Houston), we could have stood there for a while taking pictures. #foodbloggerlife

Amorino is a fantastic place to enjoy some gelato. Natalie even though the gelato was better than what she got in Rome. She even convinced some [tipsy] passerbys of this and they spontaneous went in and got a cone as well!

I look forward to visiting Amorino again (and I don’t even like dessert that much!) Now that the weather is cooling off in Houston, I’d like to go back and try the hot chocolate!

Amorino had this thing called the Chocolate Experience. First you choose one of the 10 hot chocolate flavors, and then you top your cup wit marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate macaron and a piece of grated chocolate. Sounds decadent af and perfect for the chilly weather! Check out the hot chocolate spread below!

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