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My 3 Houston Hair Secrets

Having hair in Houston is a double-edged sword. On one hand, that humidity keeps our hair moisturized, but that same humidity will take your hair from silky straight to frizzball as soon as you walk out of the door.

Being a born and raised Houstonian, I get this and I have come up with my own slew of tips for y’all. Hair flip emoji.

1. Have a good stylist and salon

I had always been a box blonde (Garnier brand, always), but as my hair gets longer, my self-dye abilities came up short. I missed spots and my hair turned brassy after years of coloring. I had to get a stylist. Enter My Salon Suites in Bellaire and House of Benitez.

I told James I wanted “the same, but better.” He immediately found all my box-blonde flaws: the brassiness, the missed spots, etc. But he got what I wanted. He touched up my roots, highlighted, lowlighted, balayage-d my hair, followed by a quick trim to fix my layers and boom. Beautiful. He also taught me how to get some curls with a flat iron, which is still a work in progress on the execution front.

If you need a good stylist, consider My Salon and especially House of Benitez!

2. Rapunzel’s Potion

Rapunzel's Potion

Before The Yacht Week, I was on a mission to grow my hair. Turns out, a solid solution was being made right here in Texas. Rapunzel’s Potion is a 100% natural hair growth supplement. The Shampoo Enhancer is only $12 and you just add it into your normal shampoo in a 1:2 ratio (one part potion, two parts shampoo). Then, the Spray ($15) goes on straight to your roots: For dry hair, use before showering and let sit for 15 minutes, and for oily or normal hair, spray on after shampooing.

Rapunzel’s is cheap, locally made, 100% natural β€” where’s the bad?

3. Dirty hair don’t care

Gonna say something that’s going to gross out a good portion of y’all: I only wash my hair 3ish times per week. The horror. I know this is a thing that completely depends on the type of your hair β€” if you have oily hair, this is not going to be sustainable for you.

I have pretty normal-dry hair, so going 3 days without washing is easy for me. However, I did have to train my hair for this. I went from daily washings to every other day to every three days. My hair was really oily on day two early on in the transition process, but then day two started being fine, followed by day three. Here are some of my dirty hair tips:

  • Watch the product. By day three, you have three days worth of product in your hair, so be mindful of that when you wanna add some oil into your hair on day one. Use everything sparingly.
  • Baths are your friend. So easy to avoid getting your hair wet if you’re in a tub. Most days, I’m showering though.
  • Invest in a good shampoo. I use a Kendra clarifying shampoo, which basically gives my hair a good reset from all the products.
  • I still only condition every other wash, so 1-2 times a week.
  • Dry shampoo on day 3 (or 4) might be your best friend. I use Not Your Mother’s brand.
  • Twist your hair into a bun and use a crease-less hair tie. My hair is naturally straight, so when I throw my hair up and take it down, you can always see the crease of where my hair tie was. So annoying. I also will blow dry my hair and the heat will smooth things out.

Try it! It might not be for your hair type, but if it is, I just saved you a good 5 mins, four days a week. AKA 16 hours a year. YOU’RE WELCOME.

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