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I Survived a Goat Yoga Class

Goat yoga is a thing. And it’s a thing you can do in Houston. Over the weekend we were filming with Google Local Guides and one of the segments took us to some good ole goat yoga. Scroll down to the bottom of this post for the full video!

Always up for the challenge to try a new style of yoga and/or cuddle with some baby animals, I was totally down.

The class takes place in a lawn outside a wedding venue and a small house in League City. You sign a waiver (in case a goat jumps on you and breaks your back or something) and then lay your mat out in the grass in the side yard. When we went on a 4:30pm class on Saturday the yard was mostly shaded, which was some much needed relief. However, we did sweat a lot. 

goat yoga houston

Be sure to bring plenty of water and an old mat and not have any plans directly after class. The goats are cute, but smelly. And they sometimes pee in the yard. So by the end of class you’re going to be a sweaty, goat hair-covered mess that smells like a barnyard. Not the time to whip out your brand new designer mat or leggings and they might get muddy (or worse). 

The class itself is pretty lighthearted. The teacher is eccentric and definitely has a pair of baby goats that effing love her. As she led us through the class they were pretty much plopped down on her mat the whole time, weaving between her legs, nibbling on her leggings, licking her water bottle (among other things…). 

The class was a load of vinyasas and core work. I was definitely sweaty but my heart rate didn’t get up at all. Beginners could manage the class easily. In general, it was pretty chill and I spent a fat chunk of the class just holding goats instead of doing crunches. 

goat yoga houston

About 20 goats of various sizes roam around the fenced off lawn. They mostly stay in a pack and don’t interrupt your yoga practice much but occasionally do stroll over the grass nearby your mat to nibble / pee / bleat loudly into the universe. 

goat yoga houston goat yoga houston

At one point in the class, the teacher had us do a reverse bridge and she and her helpers (I believe we’re her brother and another volunteer) went around and put goats on people’s stomachs. Apparently if your core is “strong enough” the goat will stay on top. Mine jumped off after 0.2 seconds, so like kinda insulting/non-yogi way to phrase that but fine. We also got into table position and lined up close together and the goat chilled on our back a bit (the Google camera crew loved that moment for sure).

goat yoga houston

The teacher’s eccentricity definitely shined as she led us through a series of bizarre stretches and forward folds that were good for massaging ones ovaries and perineum (also known as the “magic forrest”).  Also, the music for the yoga class was a bunch of Texas country songs. 

goat yoga houston

After class they give you 30 extra minutes to take pictures with goats, do more crazy yoga poses with goats and even bottle feed the younger goats. 

goat yoga houston goat yoga houston

Although the goats were distracting and smelly, I can definitely see the therapeutic draw to doing yoga with animals. Cuddling with a small cute baby is definitely an effective form of stress release and the perfect excuse to let loose and be a bit silly. 

You can find this gem of a class in at Goat Yoga Houston in League City and Conroe locations.  Classes are $35 and held on Saturday (8:30a, 10:30a, 4:30p) and Sunday (9:30a, 11:30p). 

Who knows how long this crazy yoga trend will last, so definitely check it out sooner rather than later (and tell me It’s Not Hou It’s Me sent ya 😉).

Our Google Local Guide Video!


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