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Changing my Perspective with Life Coaching at Modern Therapy in Houston

This past month, I had the opportunity to invest in myself with time well spent at life coaching. Over the course of five weeks, I met with Holly Coneway of Modern Therapy in Houston to discuss everything under the sun from my emotional well-being to work goals, relationships and purpose in life.

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching and therapy are on the spectrum of mental health. If you hurt your ankle, you go to a physical therapist to recover, but if all is well and you just want to strengthen yourself and prevent injury, you might go to a personal trainer. Same thing for mental health, you would head to a therapist after an incident, but a life coach for general well being or self-improvement.

There are lots of executive coaches in Houston (we are home to 25 Fortune 500 companies), but very few life coaches. Thus, it was amazing to connect with Modern Therapy who fills that void in authentic, personal development.

life coaching houston modern therapy

What We Talked About

Let me tell you, conversation was deep! We skipped the small talk and dived right into the juicy bits of life–everything from where we get our perception of success and finding balance in romantic relationships to one’s purpose at work and embodying mindfulness.

I largely drove the topics of the conversation and let myself be vulnerable in order to discuss things that were bothering me and together we worked through some potential solutions to resolve them.

One of my biggest takeaways from the life coaching was around tolerances–looking at my life to see what I’m tolerating and taking actionable steps to minimize those things that aren’t serving me and contributing to stress. Just like a personal trainer, a life coach keeps you accountable for the goals you set each week and helps encourage you to take steps to better your life.

After each session, Holly sent me podcasts, videos, and worksheets to go through to structure the self-reflection process and provide discussion topics for the following week. It was a very enriching experience that got me thinking about my goals, standards, and purpose in life–like I said, deep.

Meeting with Holly was like meeting with a really, really wise, insightful, well-read friend. There was no judgement, no wrong answers, no pushing me one way or the other towards a solution–just solid conversation and genuine interest in my life and well-being.

About Modern Therapy

Modern Therapy offers everything from formal therapy and life coaching to discussion-based groups in Houston. Dr. B (Beatriz Craven) founded Modern Therapy as a psychology practice to help people live their best lives, despite the inevitable challenges that arise. Formerly located in the Heights (you might recognize their old storefront on 19th Street), Modern Therapy is now headquartered inside the Silos at Sawyer–very cool to walk through all the art on your way to an appointment! In addition to one-on-one coaching sessions, the Modern Therapy team is equipped to tackle anxiety, depression, relationships, quarter-life crisis, body image, addiction, escapism, and so forth.

life coaching houston modern therapy

Modern Therapy also has a Human HQ passion project that focuses on small groups that meet bi-weekly to develop connection and meaningful conversation. They specially curate the people in the groups to discuss a new topic each week–hustle (aka work goals), intellectual stimulation, mindful recharge, relationships, and so forth–to get more authentic and live life to the fullest.

life coaching houston modern therapy

My Takeaways on Life Coaching

I love the concept of meshing life coaching, self-care and mindfulness. When things are going good, I think it’s important to raise your standards, strengthen your mind and equip yourself with the tools you might need in the future when life isn’t going well financially, emotionally, spiritually, etc. If the house is burning down, it’s too late to install smoke detectors.

Life coaching was a great add to help “break through blindspots and old patterns” in my life that restrict my personal, professional, and emotional growth.  In the same way I’m passionate about eating healthy and remaining physically fit, I try to be equally dedicated to maintaining mental health so that I can continue to grow and reach my full potential, and life coaching was a great experience to support that goal.

If you’re wanting to invest in yourself, reach a new goal or make a genuine connection, reach out to Modern Therapy or Human HQ for a consultation!



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  1. It was such an honor and pleasure to meet with you! It makes us get one step closer to our best possible selves when we connect and share our goals, dreams, and visions with each other! Looking forward to seeing the legacy you leave on this city!

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