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5+ Houston Crawfish Places to Try This Season

Houston Crawfish

It’s that magical time of year where we swap brunch for pounds of crawfish and buckets of beer! Need some recs for where to enjoy some mudbugs? Look no further than these spots.

Note: I get it. We all have our faves, and maybe yours didn’t make the list. Let us know in the comments where you love to go! These are merely some various suggestions for spots — not claiming they are the best by any means! Mainly, because that’d be impossible! There are so many ways to do crawfish, so “good” depends on your crawfish preferences. Plus, there are tons in west Houston or the burbs that might be worth the trek that we might never have heard of.

Prices for crawfish are usually market price, so it depends from time to time! You can usually call ahead of time to ask, or just plan on paying anywhere from $7-$10 a pound. ALSO, all of these places have the chance of running out, especially on weekends. Make your crawfish experience an early one to ensure you get some!

The Boot (The Heights)

This is a great spot for a Sunday Funday. It’s also a great spot for sports watching — especially if LSU or the Saints are playing. McIntyre’s is next door for a continued party.

Gotta say, I love the food here — not just the crawfish, so if you’ve got friends who are a hard pass on crawfish, I’d recommend the fried shrimp and fries — seasoned so yummily.

Crawfish isn’t seasoned post boal, btw, so you gotta peel, dip, eat for that extra fire. They have butter, potatoes, sausages, corn, and more you can add a la cart.

BB’s (Multiple locations)

I’m such a fan of BB’s and I think the overall quality of food is probably the best on this list. Plus! There are a few locations to choose from — White Oak in the Heights, Richmond in Greenway area, and Montrose near Westheimer. I’d skip the White Oak location if you can — it gets a little crazy during the weekends with the bars all around there, but hey maybe that’s a plus for you, you party animal. 😉

BB’s does season their mudbugs, psa, so it’s pretty fiya. Pls send water.

Ragin Cajun (Galleria Area)

Ragin is on the cheaper side of the crawfish-by-the-pound spectrum, so that’s inherently a plus. The seasoning is a special in-house sauce that packs some heat. It does seem PRETTY hit or miss though — you either like it or ya don’t. But I’m *pretty sure* potatoes and corn are included (online, it’s included in the other boiled seafood deals!). Multiple people recommended Ragin as a pretty solid spot for crawfish, though it made no one’s TOP spot. They are very crawfish-to-go friendly, which is nice if you’d like your house to smell like Louisiana for a few days… 😉

Saigon House (Midtown)

The necessary Viet-Cajun spot on this list! (I know, there are plenty to choose from!) Saigon is one of the rare inner-loop locations. They’ve got fun spice levels, like the Htown Bang and the Thai Surprise. If you like REALLY spicy, then say so! Prices are kind of on the higher end — $10 per pound, and corn and potatoes are extra on top of that. For that reason, and because Saigon’s menu is actually pretty great, I’d say split a few pounds then add some other things like the queso and the fries.

Bonus, Saigon House gives you gloves to eat with, which your eyes (that you accidentally rub later in the day) will thank you for.

Boil House (The Heights)

It’s $8 a pound at Boil House in the Heights, and $38 for a 5-lb platter that comes with corn and potatoes. There’s actually a drive-through for to-go purposes. It’s a small parking situation, but there’s quite a bit of outdoor seating. This place has an IMPRESSIVE Yelp rating, and boasts of being authentic Louisiana crawfish (seasoned at boil, rather than after).

Honorable (outside-the-loop) mentions


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  1. The crawfish at Turkey Leg Hut are AMAZING!!! I would call before going, but the food doesn’t disappoint at all.

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