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NEW! TFTI Houston Photo Experience Pop-Up Just in Time for the Holidays

Event description

Looking to spice up the family’s Christmas card this season? (Or just add a pop to your Instagram feed?) Look no further than TFTI Houston in the Marq*E Entertainment Center. This pop-up photo experience has a variety of photo activations that are the perfect back drop for your next selfie.

Ingrained in social media culture and millennials insatiable desire to get the perfect pic, TFTI stands for either “Thanks for the Invite” or “Thanks for the Inspo.” Your friends will be feeling both when you’re done and have apx 2304823048 new shots to choose from for your feed. The TFTI Houston photo experience has a multiple rooms each with a different theme. Here are some pictures from my favorites.

P.S .For those OG Houstonites out there, you’ll recognize the space as the old Drink Houston nightclub. TBT to Foam Parties in high school…

Cloud Room: Paper cranes, clouds, and a whimsical swing fill this blue and white filled room!

LOVE Room: Felt like I was stepping into a promo for The Bachelor. Roses and flowers galore plus a red velvet couch to tell Chris Harrison all of your secrets.

TFTI Houston Photo Love Room

Waving Cat + Lanterns + Tennis: This room has a few set ups and props galore to make some epic boomerangs. Gotta love the neon pun sign “Love is not Pointless” for the tennis people out there #gosports. The lanterns remind me so much of the medinas in Morocco. And the waving cat makes me crave ramen from Ramen Tatsu-Ya.

Upside Down Christmas: Literally every adult’s child’s person’s dream to walk on the ceiling. Turn your Christmas upside down and with this hilarious installation.

Mirror Rom: MY FAV. Felt like I was walking back into Kusama’s Universe. It’s amazing what a three strands of light and a few mirrors can do. I couldn’t decide which of the 2000 pictures I took in this room was my favorite, so here’s a collection. P.S. before you ask, my dress is from Emerson Rose. I hope you also dress accordingly when you go 🙂

Pillow Fight: Bird of a feather flock together amiright? Be sure to get someone to turn on the feather machine for the full effect.

DM Slide: Who’s sliding into your DM’s these days? Answer: YOU ARE. Puns come to life!

TFTI Houston DM Slide Photo


  • Tickets: $25 (get them here) Kids are free. No pets.
  • Dates: Nov 23 – Dec 30, 2018
  • Times: Friday through Sunday from 9 AM – 8 PM and Thursdays from 10 AM – 8 PM.

Pro Tips:

  • Budget about 1 hour to tour the space.
  • Check out the TFTI Instagram for some inspiration and plan your shots before you head over.
  • It’s all indoor lighting, so the shadows and angles can be harsh –if you have external flash bring it!

For more holiday picture inspo, check out the Flower Vault in Montrose and our favorite Houston holiday murals!

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