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5 Reasons to Skate at the ICE at Discovery Green

For all the haters out there that don’t believe Houston has a winter, I have a challenge for you. Dress up in your winter best–I’m talking thick socks, sweaters, hats, and gloves–then head on over to Discovery Green, sip on some hot chocolate, get lost in the boardwalks of Christmas lighted trees, and skate a few laps around the outdoor ICE rink. Then, I DARE you to tell me Houston doesn’t have winter. Because that park is a [Texas] winter wonderland.

Don’t believe me? Let me tell you 5 fabulous reasons why you should visit the ICE at Discovery Green! Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Discovery Green, but all opinions and attempts at channeling Olympic ice skaters are my own.

  1. Houston weather is great. So I joke about bundling up and wearing all your winter clothes (like you have them), but for real, we’re Texans and when the weather drops below 70 we’re freezing. And trust me, ice skating outside when it’s 50 is a zilllllliiiioooon times better than risking frost bite and below freezing wind-chill to skate on similar ice rinks in Chicago or New York. And the ice is cold anyways, so thick socks for the skates, gloves in case you fall, and a scarf for pictures are well merited.
  2. The energy of Downtown is invigorating. Despite living and working in the heart of the city, Discovery Green always finds another reason to make me fall in love with my hometown. The sparkling sky scrapers, the towering oak trees, the rotating art exhibitions (have you seen Gust??) are absolutely magical. ice skate discovery green houston
  3. Perfect activity for just about any occasion. Date night? You’re guaranteed to hold hands all night. Friend/family from out of town visiting? You were going to take them Downtown anyways! Might I recommend the Grove or Xochi for dinner afterwards? Entertaining a child. Tops our list for things to do with your Big Brother Big Sister Little.
  4. Hot Chocolate. For me, this frothy sugary drink is pretty synonymous with winter. And Discovery Green has got it! Whether you’re looking to warm up before or after your skate, you can grab some at the Lake House or one of the vendors that are set up in the park–always a rotating assortment of food trucks and stands.
  5. Ice skating is built in entertainment. Whether you’re laughing at yourself as you glide (or in my case, stutter around), ice skating is loads of fun for people watching. While I hate getting lapped by a 7-yr (they have lower centers of gravity!!!), I am always impressed with people’s skills. Be sure to follow Discovery Green for the latest on their show and event schedule. There’s often times people dressed up as Christmas characters skating around, movie nights, and shows put on by professional skaters. Also Zambonis. Always fun to watch!

Have I sold you? Check out the Discovery Green website for hours and ticket info. Lot’s of opportunity for discounts if you use Green Mountain Energy, Bank of America or the military. General tickets are $11 to skate and $4 for rentals. The ICE rink is open now until January 21, 2019!

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