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5 Reasons to Switch to Real Simple Energy and Get Automated Savings in Houston!

Real Simple Energy saves people in Houston hundreds every month. When we’re hitting triple-digit heat waves in Houston, saving money on electricity might seem a bit improbable. This is especially true with how complicated it is to search, sign-up and manage all the nuances and fine print with electricity plans. Ready to turn up the AC and lower your electricity bills? Believe it or not, you could be saving $500 per year with Real Simple Energy algorithms and hassle-free plan management.

Real Simple Energy customers pay an average of 36% less than the average Texan, which can be $300-$500 per year!

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Here’s 5 reasons why you should sign up for Real Simple Energy!

  1. Real Simple Energy finds you the best energy plan in Houston. After noticing that most comparison tools (like only look at promotional rates, an industry insider created an algorithm which analyzes all the fine print. Real Simple Energy has the largest, most comprehensive database in the industry. Their search results are 100% independent and unbiased and offer 6 month, 12 month, and 100% renewable plans (#gogreen!!). You can search their site for free or sign up for their energy management service.
  2. “Hassle Free Solution” automatically switches your energy provider to ensure you’re always getting the best rate. If you sign up with Real Simple Energy in Houston, they set reminders to search comparisons on the regular even if you’re already under contract. They automatically know when to search for new plans when your contract is ready to expire. They time the switch to occur at the exact right time to avoid a price increase.
  3. No more complex terms and conditions in energy agreements. Fixed rate or variable? Average billing? Renewable energy? Delivery Charges? There are a lot of variables to choose from when selecting energy providers. Not to mention the risk of booking a promotional rate that will end up skyrocketing after a few months. After all the fine print, it’s often pretty complicated to figure out what your bottom line will be. Real Simple Energy finds you plans that save the most with the least risk, averaging $500 per year savings!
  4. No more hidden fees, credits, or costs associated with your electricity bill. Literally the most annoying thing the world when you think you have a fixed rate, but you get a mysterious charge for “administrative” fees. And then you have to call some 1-800 number to sit on hold for hours to debate it. These hidden fees are difficult for experienced industry workers to sort through and even more confusing for the average consumer. Real Simple Energy makes sense of all of this for you,  Plus, they handle your account management so you don’t have to spend hours on the phone. Godsend. 
  5. It’s super easy to sign up for Real Simple Energy. Whether you live in an apartment or a townhouse or house in Houston, you’re eligible for Real Simple Energy. To check your savings, visit the Real Simple Energy site, type in your zip code, and answer a few questions, to see how their service would work for you. Their website is quick, easy to maneuver, and simple to understand. The search is free if you want to DIY your energy selection, but for just $9 per month, they will manage your plan, switch you as needed, and constantly make sure you have the cheapest electricity bill possible.
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Ready to Save on Your Electricity?

Real Simple Energy saves an average of $300 per year for apartments and $500 a year for single-family homes in Houston. At just $9 per month, their service easily pays for itself. If you’re ready to make your life easy and automate your energy savings, check out Real Simple Energy, and let us know what you think!

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